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My troop uses kids size steel spades we found at an old hardware store. The shovel blade is about 1/3 the size of a standard pointed shovel. The ones we have came with 24" wooden handels with a D grip. I think you can still get similar small shovels at most lawn and garden stores.


I also use an old entrenching tool occasionally. I bought a german surplus one for like $5. It is heavy though, but nice for moving coals in a permanent camp.

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ditto n the cold steel notation...


BSA equipment vendors very based on production price quotes sometimes year to year...

What are you looking for just that shovel ? a particular use? alternatives?


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Don't know who made them. I have two and love both. I use them more for heavy camping. I use garden tools more on light packing camping. Cold steel's would be my first option if I couldn't locate the BSA ones. The BSA were worth the price, unlike many BSA products. If you are going to do some car/truck short distance camping, a small shovel about 2' or more is great. Just don't skimp on quality, a bent, broken, or cheap shovel will make you miserable in the middle of a campout. I've used mine as a skillet, steel with flint for starting a fire, plate, alarm clock (with a fire bucket), talking shovel (like a talking feather) in a pinch, totem, and many other cool stuff.

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