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Easy Wood Badge patch question

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Hello Tami,


You probably don't want to hear this, but patrol patches are for youth only. That is not saying that I have not seen adults permanently wearing them. Until about 10 years ago, participants in Wood Badge sewed patrol patches on their Wood Badge uniform. The patches were supposed to be removed after the course. Some times they were.


I believe that, if you wish, you can wear your Bob White patrol patch as a temporary patch on the right pocket.


The great news is that you're a Bob White. It doesn't get any better than that!



Loquatious Bob White

R-12-25 (1970)

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I don't know anyone who would be brave enough to wear a Bobwhite patrol patch...



Just joking..







Our fellow Wood Badger and forum members have stated it correctly, and if you look in the Uniform Insignia Guide, that is pretty much what it states. Patrol Patches are for the youth Scouts, and sometimes Webelos.


Like Neil had stated, before 2000, a learner had to bring two learner shirts with Troop 1 numeral(Red and White) and the patrol emblem sewed on to their Wood Badge course.


Now, they are issued and still worn with nostalgia in mind.


Now, the unofficial rule, some brave Bob Whites may still sew and wear their patrol patch on the right sleeve, below the U.S. Flag, but this is not in keeping with the Ingsignia Guide and Uniform Police.


Worst off, some youth may become confused why adults are not held to strict uniform standards and lapsing in setting the example.


But hey, I ocassionally tell Scouts (and mainly their parents that sewed the patch there) that they really cannot wear a camporee patch above their right pocket (where the World or National Jamboree patch is placed). Not one of them have ever removed the temporary patch yet.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv



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I cant legally wear my Wood Badge patrol patch as a patrol patch!?! I had seen them on other scouters and just assumed it was a Wood Badge perk. I guess its true about dont assume.


This news is un-bear-able. Im sorry I checked out this thread, its made me beary, beary unhappy.





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Hear abouts we use the leather wood badge name badge holder that attaches to the right shirt button. Many of us glue our WB patrol medallion to the backside of that patch. (most are attched upside down so that you can flip the badge holder up and the medallion appears right-side-up.


But the previous posters are correct there is no appropriate place to display a patrol patch on an adult uniform.


Congratualions, you are in a fine and noble patrol who many others appear jealous of, and so they tend to overcompensate by maligning this swift and elusive creatured.



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Our troop hat is a black booney type hat. On that hat, worn only for certain occasions, like Webelos recruiting, etc. I have nearly one hundred hat pins from locations our troop has gone camping but I also have a Bear WB patch and other assorted "trinkets." Probably not really appropriate but when in the field or more truly formal scouting occasions, I wear my "Scoutmaster" hat which is basically the Stetson with a 1st Class pin on front.

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BW's solution is a good one for those wanting to 'wear' their WB Patrol patch 'on' their uniform. You can also get very nice wooden WB nametag with your totem on them as well.


At least in my council, we give participants the patrol patch with a safety pin, so they understand that they pin the patch on their uniform, with the understanding that it's only for the course and is not sewn on (tho you always have those that don't get the 'message').



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I have read somewhere in BSA literature in just this past month that says that WB attendees may wear the patrol patch on the uniform, right sleeve position 2 but only during the WB course. .......if only I can recall where that was....... At WB I was able to purchase a supersized patrol emblem that I'll likely someday sew onto a backpack or maybe just frame it and hang it in my woodshop; now there's an idea!

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