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Scouter needs help finding a wheelchair van

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Due to my location (Lander, Wyoming), it is very difficult for me to find any wheelchair vans, let alone one that I can afford. My income is fixed (SS disability).


Although I am multiply disabled, I would like to remain an active scouter. The boys are very important to me, and I attend every function I am able. My current registrations include: District Committee (Activities member), Troop Committee Chair, Cubmaster, and Webelos Den Leader.


A full size van, with raised roof, side entrance. In the future I will need hand controls. I can currently transfer between my chair and the driver seat if it swivels. I also expect to be needing a power wheelchair.


Due to my height (6'6") and having a VERY long torso, even regular minivans are too short for me, and I cannot stretch out my leg (I am a left lower limb amputee).


I am also hoping to find something I can use to help transport the Troop and Pack boys to events and camping. Because of the camping, and where we like to go, a mini-van or lowered floor would be problematic. Although I have only seen one, a 4 wheel drive with diesel would be a esceptionally handy (When you dream, dream big :))


I do most of the driving. Even though I am the troop committee chair, I am present and active at most activities except off road hikes. Even then I am the "U-Haul" for heavy/bulky items, especially for my Pack.


If you happen to know of a van, please let me know. Additionally, if you know of any funding assistance for this, I would appreciate hearing about it.




God Bless,


Paul Johnson

Wind River District Committee Member

T-4013 Committee Chair

P-17 Cubmaster

Den 1 Webelos Den Leader


(307) 332-5957

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OK Paul, I did some digging and here is what I found.


These guys have a very professional site and have an inventory of used and new vans including full size models. They also have an excellent delivery system. Either they will send a technician to DRIVE the van to you or they will pay to get you to Minnesota to drive the van home yourself.



These appears to be more of a community than just a commercial site. They do have classified ads of vans for sale and nice selection of links that might be of help to you. They also list locations of dealerships looks like the closest to you is in Sheridan, CO.



These guys have a listing for a used 4X4 van.



This looks like a good resource site with lots of links. It is a Canada based site but it does contain information that would be helpful to those of us "South of the Border."



All I did was go to allthesites.com and searched for wheelchar accessible vans. There were a lot more sites listed but these looked to be the most helpful.


Oh yeah, always dream big!


Good luck.


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Thanks Mike. I had not heard of that search engine before. I did do several searches on differant engines, and after over 100 sites, my hands to sore to type any longer, I thought about posting here. Many of the replies on other threads have been very good and helpful for my very new troop.


I will check each of these out. Thanks again!



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