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Scoutmaster Award Of Merit Knot Needed

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I am trying to assist one of our Scoutmasters who earned the old scoutmaster award of merit knot obtain 5 more to outrig some additonal scout shirts. He is now our district commmissioner. This is the white knot on a tan backgound.





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Don't know if national recalled them or not, but try a national scout stop. If they do not have it, they will try and find it for you at another national store. If they were recalled, then you may need to make calls to local council stores as sometimes they have outdated stuff in inventory.

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Eagle92: my "local" (hour drive away) national-run scout shop told me it's discontinued and not available--I needed one for one of my uniforms. However, they said someone who earned the SM Award of Merit can wear the new Unit Leader Award of Merit knot. I passed and simply dropped down to 2 uniforms (use to have 3) for now. I won't wear the newer knot 'cause I don't believe I "earned" it like the SM one.


Rickster, if you don't get what you need through here, you might have to go through (shudder) Ebay.


However, National will gladly sell you a special SM patch for those who have earned the award that includes a gold star on it...ooooohhhhh....aaaaahhhhhh....special (you can tell how thrilled I am with that), which is fine and dandy if you're still an SM:


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THE HECK YOU DID EARN THAT NEW KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes I am screaming at you ;) )


Seriously there have been times that national has done away with awards, and quit producing the knots for them, but allow folks to wear a newer knot in it's place.


For example, Silver Fawn recipients, ladies who had earned the council's highest award available to them since the Silver Beaver was restricted to men at one time, are allowed to wear the SB knot since the SF was discontinued and SB rules changed to allow women to earn it.


Another example is the old Webelos Award. Folks who earned it are allowed to wear the AOL knot since that award turned into the AOL.


Also if memory serves, folks who earned the discontinued Explorer Awards: ACE, Ranger, G.O.L.D., Young American, etc can wear a current issue knot that I cannot remember.




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This was a mistake on Nationals part, and I told 'em so. The new know is NOT equivalent. The jobs for which the new knot is issued are greatly different. This is really dumbing down the program. And those "devices" are just silly. Just silly. So go to eBay and pay the piper. That is one knot worth wearing.

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