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  1. Part of the "Scouting experience" is working with adults. It isn't working with MALE adults. A couple of our comittee members are women. The boys have to learn to work with them just as they work with the men. We have women on trips a couple of times a year. I had one on my crew this summer at Philmont. We have never had any problems because of it. I only see advantages. We have over 40 boys in our troop. Sometimes we wouldn't have enough adults for a trip if we didn't allow women. A couple women I know can out camp and out hike most of the men I know. The other issue I s
  2. We have accounts for the boys. There are limits on what this money can be spent on. If a boy leaves the troop we will send the money to his new troop. If he doesn't join a new troop, our troop uses the money to support scouts that need help. We maintain the records in case a boy later rejoins. As for the Scoutmaster deciding how the money is spent, that is not his job. As Scoutmaster, I have a budget to cover troop meeting (both mine and the boys). Commitee is responsible for most of the money.
  3. I don't think it falls under "adding additional requirements". I think it is closer to not allowing the boys to use a specific merit badge councilor because he doesn't make the boys do the requirements properly.
  4. When I talked to the previous Scoutmasters, their main concern was that perents will make their son a Den Chief simply because he has to be there anyway. The boy will not be used in the way that he should and he will turn into the den's maid. He will simply set up and clean up while mon or dad run the den meeting. I realize that this isn't always the case but it is hard to monitor.
  5. Our troop has had a policy of not allowing boys to be a Den Chief for a parent's den. I'm getting some grief about this. I found several troop policys on the web that agree with this. Most don't say anything about it. I want to know how other unit handle this issue. Thank you
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