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  1. I'm new this year as an Adult Leader in Cub Scouts and I'm trying to get a grasp on what is normal. I assume that this forum is a great tool for that. Believe me, I'm not trying to cross contaminate my uniforms. Clearly, I wouldn't put a scout patch on my work uniform; it's not appropriate. My intentions here are only a safety concern. After 21 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, the last thing I need is unnecessary attention. Those days are long gone. If people know that I have a certain level of "first-aid" training, they might be more inclined to come to me for help.
  2. Thank you all for your comments... I like the idea of placing it on the RIGHT pocket as a "temporary" patch. Maybe I'll run it by the district executive first. I hate to show up at the next pow wow and get dirty looks. Again, thank you. Rodd(This message has been edited by Akela in NY)
  3. Thanks for the help here. I'm now Catholic. I went through the RCIA program a few years ago. I recently went to a local Den Leaders Pow Wow and there were a bunch of guys there who had a ton of knots on their uniform and I'm trying to figure out how I can do that to.... That's all.... Thanks, Rodd
  4. I'm a little confused on how can I earn a Religious Emblem (knot). I've googled it in a few different places and still can seem to figure out what the requirements are. This is where I am now: http://www.nccs-bsa.org/emblems-awards/pfp.php?page=sorrowfulMysteries Are these the requirements for this specific religion or am I way off here? Thanks, Rodd
  5. I think I may have been getting "Cub Scouter" and "Denner" confused. Without hijacking this thread, can someone explain the two? Thanks, Rodd
  6. I've read about the Scouter awards, and I guess I'm a little confused. I didn't know that these were leader awards? Can someone clarify? Thanks, Rodd
  7. Well I guess this IS an active forum. I thank you for all the welcome. I also belong to a very active camping forum (www.popupexplorer.com aka the "PUX"), so it's nice to see that another forum is just as informative. I guess I will have to allot a little more time to the computer, at least for during the non-camping season. Thanks, Rodd
  8. I got a return e-mail back from our District Executive about this award. Apparently it's a local council thing that recognizes pack who's leaders are 100% trained. Thanks, Rodd
  9. Ive been a full-time firefighter/paramedic for a while and recently joined cub scouts as a den leader with my son as a tiger. I know there are numerous awards for many different things and I know I earned a first aid merit badge when I was a scout. Now that Im an adult leader, is there a device that I should display being an EMT? Thanks, Rodd
  10. How about here: http://www.baggy.me.uk/knots/index.htm http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/string/friendship_knot.html http://whatknot.tripod.com/knots/Fship.htm http://www.scoutxing.com/knots/friend/friend.htm Good luck, Rodd(This message has been edited by Akela in NY)
  11. One of our neighboring Packs advertises that they are a "Centurion Pack" and describes that accomplishment as: "We are considered a Centurion Pack because all our leaders are trained for their positions." I have been trying to get further info on this without success. Can anyone else elaborate? Thanks, Rodd
  12. Thank you for sharing that with us. He truly is a hero and should be very proud of his actions. I think that this is something that others need to see an example made. These actions are incredible and a significant ceremony should be performed. Thanks, Rodd
  13. I walked into Cub Scouts this year anticipating a new adventure with my oldest son and found myself volunteering to be the Tiger Den Leader. Needless to say my volunteering has extended into me taking all the normal training courses for a new Den Leader and now in less than a few months, Im the Pack Trainer. One of the members of the committee told me that I had more training than most of the senior adult leaders. In my new position, I have access to the official records and confirmed what he told me. Clearly, training has been a lower priority in this pack. I could use some advice
  14. I too have a rather long last name (Riesenberger, pronounced: reason burger) and remember having to learn adults last names when I was a kid. I think that we are not asking too much of our scouts to learn our last names. And most importantly it provides a nice distance barrier in our relationship that can sometimes be misconstrued as too friendly between a scout and his leader. Thanks, Rodd
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