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  1. I appreciate everyones' time and research on this matter. It was both enlightening and informative. As far as the incident, the camp I was in the South Jersey council, which was not in my home council. As far as any and all questions that I have previously posted, the most important thing that I learned was that I now know what I should have done, and will act pro-actively to see the matter resolved in a safe manner. Thanks to everyone, see ya at the Jamboree (Go to Scuba/Snorkeling!!!!)
  2. I thank everyone who has inputted here. I definitely tells me how I should have responded (which was against my inner instincts not to create an incident). That being said, no one has answered the question at hand: Is there an policy/guideline that camp directors are to follow as to how to handle the situation? If there is, what is it? We all know that what happened is wrong and is against BSA policy.
  3. I guess one of the purposes of posting this questions, which is still left unanswered, What is the proper actions to be taken by a camp director, whether it be summer camp or a cub-parent outing, when there is alcohol present, what is the proper action to be taken right at that moment? Scout Executives are not necessarily readily available at that moment. Additionally, if there is not a designated plan of action, shouldn't there be one? I'm already resolved that nothing is going to happen with my incident. Fortunately, no scouts were directly injured.
  4. In a round about way, by filing an incident report, right then, I did inform the scout executive. Since I was out of council, I would have had to go through the camp staff to get in touch with the scout executive. Not to mention, it was after office hours. Additionally, after two telephone conversations with the SE, he too is trying to cover it up or blow it away. So, where does that leave me?
  5. You're correct. I thought by informing the proper camp authorities, I had done my job. Next time I'll know. Still, the question is what should the director have done?
  6. I have taken the BSA lifeguard course at both Treasure Island in the Cradle of Liberty Council and Camp Roosevelt in Southern Jersey Council. At Roosevelt, the director added scenarios on the last day. Candidates were put in the boat house and called out to an emergency situation, where the canidates had to assess the situation, go through the reach, throw, row, go, and react. If the canidate did not react correctly, the director gave the thumbs down, signalling the victims to attack the rescuer. Sounds sadistic, but it was alot of fun. Each canidate had to react to three situations,
  7. I witnessed this as they were pulling away. My imediate response was to inform the camp director, since at this time the adult consuming alcohol (and under the influence) was eating dinner in the dining hall with the boys. I personally witnessed the camp director talking with the individual (not close enough to hear what was said) and nothing was done! The person then got back into his vehicle and left the area, endangering all the scouts on that particular camp road at the time. The other problem with the whole situation is the fact that other unit leaders were told not to let this ma
  8. But at the time of the incident, is there a written policy as to how a camp director is to react? After the fact does not help the incident resolve itself nor does it help keep our scouts safe at that particular moment. In the incident that was observed by myself, scout leaders knowingly put youth in a vehicle of a man who was under the influence after being told that that man should not even be driving. The camp director, after being told of this, did virtually nothing. The scout executive, after being told the whole story, was trying to dismiss it. Hence my questions.
  9. Anyone hear of the Duct Tape Patrol? Went to summer camp with a troop with that one this summer. Goes in line with the proposed Duct Tape merit badge proposition I guess.
  10. The question isn't about what the policy is, but what is the "stated response"? Are there any prescribed "plan of action"? If not, shouldn't there be such?
  11. Had incident at summer camp with alcohol. Reported said incident and filed incident report, but felt camp director and local council executive were trying to sweep it away (I believe money is involved!). Two questions: 1)Is there guidelines as to how camp directors are to respond and what is it? 2)Sent letters to national, local council, camp and chartered organization. Is there something else I should do or should have done? Thanks
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