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  1. When a new pack is starting, does the Charter Organization, Distric, Council or Pack members pick the Pack number?
  2. CubScoutMom2004

    Important question

    Our Cubmaster met with the pastor of the church. The pastor feels our cubmaster has done a wonderful job and does not want him to leave. Our COR on the other hand, does have a personal agenda when it comes to forcing our cubmaster out. He and our committee chair have been planning this. Our cubmaster is the 4th on this pack has had in 3 years. Sad. Depending on what happens in the next couple of days, our cubmaster may step down and start another Pack. He is awesome and has tons of support at the district level. His son has already crossed over to boyscouts yet he continues to devote his time. A few leaders, as well as myself, that know what is going on, have told him we would go with him. This is all such a shame. Good cubmasters are hard to find so I would definately follow the one we have.
  3. CubScoutMom2004

    Important question

    Thank you so much for the feedback. I am currently a den leader in the pack I am referring to and not a member of the church that charters us. There is one person that does not care for our Cubmaster so our COR is throwing up a roadblock to try and get him out by requiring that he be a member of the church. This has not been a pre-requisite before now. The CC is a member of the church but no other active leaders of this pack are members. It is really sad because we have a wonderful pack and an awesome cubmaster. As much as I hate all of the "politics" I have already told our cubmaster that if he leaves the Pack, I will follow him to a new Pack. It is a shame to see a great pack get broken down my a couple of people that like to complain.
  4. CubScoutMom2004

    Important question

    If a church is the charter organization, is it required that the Cubmaster or Troupmaster be a member of that particular church? Can a COR require this? Can it also be a requirement that all the leaders be a member at that church? Thanks.
  5. I was a Leader this year and we had another leader that worked with me. Both of us were new leaders. I asked him time and time again to help organize a den meeting or to conduct a den meeting and he never did. He would just show up every week and ask what we were doing. He never attended District Rountable or the campouts. I tested him last week by sending him an e-mail as well as leaving him voicemail messages asking him to please conduct this weeks meeting. As I knew he would, he didn't bother to show up. Lukily I had planned the meeting. He wants to wear the uniform and stand around and talk but not do any of the work. Not sure how else to handle him. Our cubmaster has agreed to have a chat with him. Upsets me because we do this for the boys and that obviously is not why he is doing it. Anyone else dealt with leaders like this? Thanks.
  6. CubScoutMom2004

    What's your biggest problem?

    The first few months I was a leader, my biggest issue was getting information. I never received any info from our committee chair but somehow I sought out info and would find it. Now I seem to get info more easily. The latest thing that bugs me is gossip. We have a couple of leaders that don't like a couple of the other leaders and it started getting nasty. It makes me sick. These people's egos were coming before the boys. This is the whole reason I got my son away from the sports parents! I don't get involved in the gossip and hopefully the parents of my group will stay out of it as well.
  7. CubScoutMom2004

    Unorganized Packs and Dens

    I was a new Tiger Cub Leader this year. We were lucky enough to have a lot of Tiger cubs and we retained all but 2. I had the same problems you have had as far as getting information. I couldn't get a phone list for months. I took it upon myself to get info where I could. I latched on to another leader that seemed patient and knowledgeable and I would ask her questions. I also looked at tons of sites on the internet to learn as much as I could. If you keep it fun, the boys will keep coming back. Every Tuesday the first thing they says is, "What are we going to make tonight?" The love crafts. I also give the random beads on occassion to add onto a necklace. These beads don't mean anything but they love them anyway. The know at Pack meetings they will get the beads, patches and beltloops they have earned. I don't get much feedback from the parents so I never really know what they think. I try to keep them informed with a simple weekly newsletter. Seems to work ok. Hope some of this helps. Don't give it.
  8. CubScoutMom2004

    Leader Patches

    Our Cubmaster started a trend. He sewed all of his extra patches onto a fishing vest. It looks really cool. I liked it so much that he presented me with one at our Blue and Gold Banquet. He had actually sewn all the patches on himself!
  9. CubScoutMom2004

    Tiger Cub Scout Retention

    I was a new Tiger Cub Leader this year. We started with 19 boys and ended with 17. We lost one to a move and one to family problems with the parents. I am not sure what we did right but I can tell you we have had fun. We meet weekly. We always try and incorporate a fun craft and the boys love it. Out pack also has Family Campouts and the boys of all ages really love those too. I am so proud that we have retained so many boys and I honestly think the majority will be back in the fall. We also have some summer activities planned so that should help as well.