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  1. Our adult leaders earn patches for participating in special events with our Cub Scouts. Where do leaders display their patches? Our boys wear the red vests to display their patches. Thank You
  2. I am our Pack's Committee Chair - my question is regarding patches that adult leaders receive for attending Cub Scout functions. (i.e. Cub Scout Summer Camp). We leaders are given a patch, just like the boys, everytime we attend a special event. Where do we put these patches? Our Cub Scouts wear the red vests that hold the patches. I have a friend who is a leader in Girl Scouts and her leaders bought nice, thin jackets to display their patches on to outdoor and winter events. What is the Cub Scout policy on where leaders where patches they have received? Thank You!
  3. Does anyone know where exactly can I find (in print) the BSA guidelines for Cub Scout Den sizes? I have the current Leaders Handbook and cannot find it in there.
  4. I am the Committee Chair for a Cub Scout Pack. We are having problems with den sizes that seem to be to large. Right now we have a Wolf den with 13 boys and a Bear den with 14 boys. Each den has an Assistant Leader, but still they have problems. I have broached the subject of dividing the dens into 2 dens and having another trained leader lead one of the dens - but the opposition is strong. The parents want their boys to stay with their friends and don't want to break them up. My son was a Bear last year in a 14 boy den - the den meetings were insane! We finally broke into 2 dens of 7 bo
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