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    What makes a Cub Master weak? (or ACM)

    Oh, the ideas rolling through my head. Every time I get on the forums, I get more and more ideas. Thank you all!
  2. Cubmaster721

    Centennial Ring

    PM Sent! I promise to pay it forward as I have done with generosity on other forums. It's nice to be a part of this organization!
  3. Cubmaster721

    Centennial Ring

    I'm looking for a centennial ring, If anyone has an extra they'd let go of, can you contact me at hillsborocubscouts@comcast.net? I found some on ebay, but $15.00 is a lot of money for a patch that cost under $2. I understand the collectibility and what not, but that increase is more than the appreciation of gold. I'd even be willing to trade a billet aluminum fire piston (made in the machine shop where I work) for a couple of them. I'll even throw in some char cloth and extra o-rings.
  4. Cubmaster721

    New Cubmaster

    Hello all! I was recently pointed in this direction and figured I'd sign up. 38 yr old father of 4 our first year in scouts. My youngest son just moved on to Webelos. We have a small pack at the moment, hoping to have many more next year. I'm hoping to learn a lot hanging around here. I was never blessed with scouting when I was younger. I'm learning as fast as I can, but have a long road ahead of me. I felt I was very lacking in my first year as Cubmaster. Stage freight, no fun factor, had no idea what to do. That will change this coming year, though. I bought plenty of books and am reading and learning all I can. The reason I wanted my son(and myself) to join scouts is pretty simple. Morals these days are few and far between. I see too many baggy britches, crooked caps, and bangers. I am determined to change that in my community. My biggest hurdle thus far is not getting boys interested, but getting their parents to pull away from the TV and be a positive influence in their boys' lives. There are too many other influences that grab a boy's attention when the parents are "too busy". Just in 1 year, I have seen a positive change in not only my son, but in myself. I actually feel a desire to be positive and spread positivity throughout the community. I am an outdoor nut. Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country. I am heavily into wilderness survival, bushcraft, and the like. It's a lifestyle and a passion that will never leave me. I'm rambling. It's time to read and learn. Looking forward to doing my best. Regards, Lionel
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    New Cubmaster

    Thank y'all for the warm welcome and the tips! Next year is gonna rock!
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    Adult leader qualifications

    packsaddle, I understand your anger, but without knowing the situation, you shouldn't be so judgemental. Understand that a beer and a half can result in a DWI. I know I'm new here, but I have to speak out nonetheless. If the OP was wasted, that's a bit different. Any who, gordosdabom, don't get discouraged. Honesty pays off. Everyone slips up at least once in their lives. If you didn't, you wouldn't be living. I hope all goes well in your endeavor. Good luck!