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  1. I'm not too familiar with the newest Red Cross requirements, but having been certified in the past as Red Cross, YMCA, and BSA, I really think that the BSA LIfeguard Cert is by far the most difficult of the three. Years ago, Red Cross and Y were more difficult, but these have gotten less challenging as the BSA classes have gotten more difficult. A lot of this also depends on the instructor. When I am teaching BSA Lifeguard I like to include different rescues and styles from all three. I think that Red Cross excels in teaching rescues with krescue tubes, while the Y and the BSA so a great j
  2. Greetings, everyone! I am a Norhtern Region Camp School veteran who is attending his first camp school in the Southern Region. I will be attending the Aquatics Director section at Cherokee Scout Reservation in May. I am looking for information on either Cherokee itself, or if anyone out there has attended camp school there I would love some info on that, too. Thanks alot, compdcd
  3. Kelley, that couldn't have been said any better Thank you
  4. "piercings on men, including Pirates, is an obvious sign of anti-social behavior and has no place in scouting. Piercings on boys is an obvious sign of irresponsible anti-social parenting and regardless shouldnt be allowed to be worn during scout functions." If we're on the subject of anecdotal evidence,Dedicated Dad, could you show me the hard facts to back this little quote up? Anyone that relies on personal experience is hardly using what would be considered anecdotal evidence. I think it may be a little overboard to equate someone with a tongue, ear, or eyebrow piercing to a Scou
  5. I haven't been on the site for a little while, and when I came back and saw the thread for a discussion on earrings, I immediately had to read. You see, the idea of earrings has recently come up in conversation with the management of our Council's summer camp. Our policy has always been one of non-interference. However, we are in the process of considering a "no earrings" rule for our staff. I had hoped to read some refreshing points of view on the subject, which I did. However, Dedicated Dad and Chippewa29, I was surprised with the feelings you both had on the subject.I only hope that yo
  6. Well, cjmiam, I've already gone the Camp Director and Program Director Route, and worked for two years as each. But neither of these positions was as personally fulfiling to me as working with kids. Years ago I was an Aquatics Instructor and absolutely loved the work. This just seemed like a great way to end my time at camp.
  7. I am a 13 - year veteran of the summer camp game who's going back for one more. While I have taken camp schools(4 of them) in the Northeast, I'm looking for a change of pace for my last cert in Aquatics. I would gratly appreciate if anyone could send in information about camp schools that have Aquatics Director programs happening before June in the Southern and Central regions.
  8. I have recently been invited to present one of my camp staff his Eagle badge and Eagle charge. I havew heard a variety of charges and openings for Eagle presentations, and I would like some of the favorites. Thanks, compdcd
  9. Just a little story about my experience with a pine-sol and chlorine firestarter. A few years ago, my crack Commissioner staff decided to try this method for the opening campfire. They were successful, but the first 10 rows of the fire circle filled with a noxious, green smoke. So, if you're going to try this method again, please make sure you're in a very ventilated area.
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