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  1. Are hats a requirement and wear can I get uniform inspection forms?
  2. I am working on starting a campfire with Granulated Clorine and Pinesol, with little results. I do get some smoke and a little heat but not enough to do much good. If anyone has had success with this process please tell me what you did.
  3. Thank you Old Grey Eagle, I will have no problem with answering questions when I bring up the name of Stephen Decatur.
  4. We just went through the exact same experiance only with a CubScout Pack. After all was said and done we started our own pack.
  5. Hi Elaine, I am a Cubmaster in Lincoln, CA. In our pack meetings the Webelos are showing off their projects that they have earn their activity pins for. They will also will have a skit or two when needed. Seeing as they are the Big Guys of the pack they should be trying to help the younger ones.
  6. I am trying to make a point of the seriousness of respect for the Red, White, and Blue. In a cerimonie on folding the Flag I came across a name I don't recognize and that would be Stephen Decatur. Can anyone tell me who he is?
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