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  1. My goal was trying to find something (maybe from national) which was official and categorically listed the objectives.


    Skeptic - I have both books from the ISP era. And yes, the early version IS ugly.


    acco40 - I remember seeing that page. It's amazing how we still incorporate a lot of that into today's programme. Part of my research was intended to see if Scouting is what it is today as a direct result from the 70s or not.

  2. What's BTSR?


    Also, Colorado has five camps I am familiar with: Ben DeLatour, Peaceful Valley, Alexander, San Isabel, and Spanish Peaks. If you want a more SW feel to your experience, try the last two. If you want to be rained on each day in the afternoon, The second and third are your best options. If you like a rocky mountain area close to white water rapids, BDSR.


    Up to the boys ultimately, but the only camp I can say NOT to attend is Lewis and Clark in SD. And the midwest/upper midwest won't provide too much comfort from the climate and gets pretty buggy up north.

  3. I remember my unit discussing this once. We decided not to because of liability or other type of insurance costs. We're chartered at a church, too, so the problem of where to keep it arose. In the end, the costs and logistics of a bus couldn't justify owning one.

  4. As an Eagle scout who followed the Rules and completed my Eagle by by 18th birthday you are slapping me in the face and the 3 million of my brother Eagles.


    Not to sound insufferable, but 2 million. Your point still stands though. Honestly, if the guy has been doing fine for over 20 years without Eagle, why the desire to get it now?

  5. Otherwise known as the Improved Scouting Program, which lasted from 1972-1978. I wanted to know if anybody had information about it, such as what the objectives were. Any information related to this notorious programme would be useful, as I'm quite interested in seeing how/why it failed based upon what it was SUPPOSED to accomplish.

  6. Technically if you go by GTSS, waterguns are prohibited. But here where I live, I doubt anyone is THAT by-the-book.


    See, this is why I dislike PC. I wonder what would happen if I used my fingers and pointed a "simulated firearm" at somebody.

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