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  1. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the post. Using Chrome on a standard PC laptop, Windows 10, no active extensions.
  2. Hello All, I've been all over the instructional documents, all over the web, tech support, and even to my council office, and nobody can help me figure this one out. I'm the COR for my troop so I know that I have access to adding / moving / expiring Functional Roles in My.Scouting, but for some reason, every time I try and expire a position, I get a "Not Found" error message. Changing Registered Positions has been fine. I recently changed out our Committee Chair and SM, but in this recent election we had, several other Functional Role positions have changed like treasurer and UAC
  3. Hey All, I'm the COR for our troop and need some help with handling some Roster / Position Management issues. Our CC is retiring as is her husband an MC and our Treasurer is stepping down as well. I can't seem to find in My.Scouting where I can remove them from their positions. There is a "plus sign with arrows" type icon next to everyone's name on the left but it doesn't seem to do anything except move that person around on the screen. The "minus sign" to the right of their name looks like it "expires" their position but when I try that I get a "NOT FOUND" message. I know that I c
  4. Page 2 of the fundraising form. *This application is not necessary for contributions from the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization, parents or members in his unit, or the beneficiary. All proceeds left over from fundraising or donations, whether money, materials, supplies, etc., regardless of the source, go to the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is not allowed, for whatever reason, to retain any excess funds or materials, etc., the beneficiary should designate a suitable charity to receive them, or allow the unit to retain them. The unit must not influe
  5. Mike, I think the issue is that per the "Fundraising" form you attached, that we already know about, that is in question is to "raise funds" meaning a donation is being solicited or asked for. So in essence, you are "raising funds" by asking for donations and that's what the "fundraising form" addresses. Here's the problem. No funds were solicited. Nobody was asked. Nothing was raised. My son's project donor came forward and volunteered funding of the project on his own initiative and directly to the beneficiary. So exactly what "fundraising" was done? Per the form "If people or
  6. Hey all. I got a tough one here. and this one's personal. My son has his project proposal next week and I have a MC, ASM and myself as Dad and son getting conflicting information regarding private monetary donations for his eagle project. The kid is building a deck and the whole thing is being funded by a private donation from one of our unit members who is also a parent who is also a friend of the family. Total is just under $900. The problem is that I have an ASM that has sat on our district eagle board telling me that because it's over $500 my son needs to fill out a form. It's n
  7. SS Thank you so much ! Not just for the advice, but for the confirmation of the situation and you are 100% right.
  8. Hello All, and Happy New Year ! I'm trying to find something specific that I'm hoping is out there somewhere. A BSA official something that speaks on the issue of teaching style or approach or guide to how to work with our scouts. I have a new ASM that transferred to us that is one of these authoritarian, hard-a$$, "didn't' make it in the military so now I'll treat scouting as such" type of dudes. He's rude to my boys, condescending and the preverbial straw was at last meeting when he was so A-hole to my SPL that the kid threw a wrench, said "F-this and left the meeting". Gentlemen th
  9. Our troop has been going back and forth about whether or not to make the Class A mandatory at all weekly meetings. But the question was raised...what is the official BSA position on uniform mandates, specifically as it pertains to meetings. Or maybe there is no such official position? Again, I'm only looking for BSA policy with regard to uniform requirements at meeting, or some type of blanket statement that would cover that topic. I've done about 2 hrs (on and off) worth of searching and reading and cannot find anything concrete. Thanks all, as always ! YIS
  10. I have a parent of a recent AOL Crossover who is interested in taking up leadership in our troop. Silly Question: As a parent, he has a member ID? Does that make him a "registered member"? And if not...what's the difference between the member #'s that parents have, and the member #'s that leaders have? And how would this parent begin the process? From the beginning with a brand new application with the reg fee, etc, etc? Thanks All !!
  11. Copy That ! Makes a lot of sense. Keeps accountability for the Scout and like you said, that element of "follow-through". Thank you again for the wisdom, my friend.
  12. I've done quite a bit of searching and cant seem to find a setting for this, and maybe there is no such thing, but: Is there a setting in SB that will send an alert of some kind (through SB, or email, etc) to the UAC when a Scout / Parent / Leader marks items as "Completed" that then need to be "Approved" such as rank req's or activity log entries. I know the official way is to run a "Needs Approval" report but I'm kinda hoping there's a shortcut. Thanks All !!
  13. Oh, ok...great ! I'll give it a try. Thanks again !
  14. So far so good. SB is letting us enter the leadership roles and the day counter looks accurate. Fingers crossed when it comes time to populate into his eagle app, but so far so good. Thank you !!
  15. One of my Scouts is working toward his Eagle while on a special needs extension. He is on our roster as a Unit Participant. Can Unit Participants hold leadership roles and if so, do I enter them in SB in the normal way ? His BOR date for Life was after he turned 18. Does that affect anything with regard to Leadership Roles? It hasn't affected his ability to advance...we can still add MB's, rank req's, etc. It's the Leadership Roles I'm worried about for the potential of date conflicts between he as ScoutsBSA and Unit Participant. Thanks All !!
  16. My troop has an adult leader ASM/MC/UAC that refuses to relinquish his duties as UAC. Currently we have 4 Scouters doing advancement and this fella has been self-proclaiming himself as the sole advancement authority despite constant errors, failures to timely enter advancements, losing MB credentials, no CSV imports, and worst of all, huge gaps in recording advancements that has cost multiple scouts valuable time in achieving their goals despite having done all the work and meeting all the req's. He's to the point now where he's confrontational about it with other Scouters and even going to
  17. MrJohns2 and SiouxRanger, Thank you very very much for your words. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Fist-bumps for each of ya. Cheers!!
  18. One of our boys had been participating in our troop as an un-registered youth alongside his older brother and adult leader (step brother) troop Eagle alum. His BSA registration kept getting help up because of serious issues at home. We finally got this kid registered but now the question is: is there any way to record advancements in SB for the work he's done in the troop while being a non-registered youth. He's done a lot and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to give him credit for it. Thanks All !!
  19. Morning All, Where can I find the info about what awards my troop leaders currently hold, such as award knots, service pins, recognitions, etc. One of my Scouters, a man that has been with our Troop for almost 2 decades is a very modest gentleman. He has served as SM, ASM, UAC, CC, COR and only wears the bare minimum on his Class A. I'm trying to figure out if he has been awarded things in the past and is just too modest to wear them on his uniform, or maybe nobody over the years nominated him for anything through the council. If the ladder is the case, I'd really love to put him in
  20. New to UAC and trying to generate an Eagle Application through Scoutbook but none of his info is populated. 9 of his 21 badges filled into the .pdf but nothing else. No dates, unit #, BSA join, not even his name. His SB is pretty tight, I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Ive tried it both through SB and Internet Advancement...same story.
  21. Thank you all for the info. That's awesome ! But I guess our big question is, "Can a Chartered Organization Representative serve as a Merit Badge Counselor" ? Thanks again. This forum has been so helpful for me and our troop!
  22. One of our adult leaders, an ASM who was also a 5 badge MBC, needed to step in as our COR when ours passed away. Obviously he lost his ASM position, which has been a heartbreak for all of us, but now, all of a sudden, his MB credentials have an expiration date in his SB profile. Do MBC credentials actually expire, or are his being pulled because he is now a COR ?
  23. As we all know, a Scout has to hold a rank in the program for a specific amount of time (4 months, 6 months, etc) before advancing to the next rank. My question is...which notation in Scoutbook actually stops the clock of the previous rank and starts the clock on the new rank. Marking the rank as "approved" or marking the rank as "awarded"? The reason I ask is because we often do not have a Court of Honor for several months or more and I have boys that are nearing "age out" and need every month they can get working toward Eagle. I know that the awards can be moved to a PO after being "appr
  24. How long does it usually take from the time BSA approved the re-charter ?
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