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    Pediatrician and MPH, retired from Children's Hospital. Council and Camp Medical Officer, much of the last 30 years w/ break here and there. Eagle Scout 1968, son Eagle, daughter COPE Director and Council COPE Trainer. Jamboree Med staff twice.

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  1. Our camp is 8 minutes from a volunteer fire department , 911 call is an 8 minute response time with BLS/First Responder. A 911 call also activates real time State EMS call center access to para medic ambulance- 20 minutes, Med Flight, and Adult and Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Centers. I contend that this is adequate coverage for low risk- ie 2 nights in a State Park- events, ie Wood Badge Course. (Our Council has a dorm type training facility at camp, so WB is a single night under canvas Weekend 2). With CoVid continuing, volunteer availability is tight. And it is tough to ask volunteers t
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