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  1. In July, a similar FUA was circulated and links are in the previous postings. I haven't reviewed them line by line yet, but the same problematic language (for COs) still exists. Here is a .pdf of the one posted earlier. 2022 BSA Affiliation Agreement.pdf
  2. The desire to be a CO is still there, but there are some issues that need to be addressed. As a CO, you have been told for years that you are covered under an insurance policy only to find out you weren't. Then you are told that if you pay the organization millions of dollars, there is good probability they will extend coverage for you. All of this is happening because of possible events that either took place away from your campus or took place on your campus but outside of your direct control. Now you are being told to secure a COI from the organization, but you really need a copy of the
  3. Attaching the original facilities usage agreement they wanted us to sign along with the modified (page 3) we agreed to sign. Proposed FUA vs Approved.pdf
  4. Was the flowchart designed to convey the message that if a CO decides to not recharter they 1) don't "care for youth in the community" and 2) doesn't "love scouts"? Words, and in this case the absence of words, have meaning.
  5. Here is a copy of the agreement announcement, in all its glory. My hope is that when this agreement goes live, someone posts it here so we can all see it. Not all of us received the notice that the agreement was even in process. Affiliation Agreement Announcement.pdf
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