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  1. We are chartered by a UMC and have multiple units. Each units committee will be meeting soon to discuss how to proceed. The primary concerns are councils control of funds, assets, fundraising, and leadership selection. Each unit will decide whether to continue with council, find another charter (which is unlikely), or fold the tent. There is no trust that council will be a good and faithful steward of the units or that they have the ability to handle the charter duties at all. All agree that its a looming admin disaster on most every level. Finding another charter seems on the surface to
  2. Our Troop leadership shares many of the concerns mentioned above, but without seeing the written agreement, our units cannot yet have any substantive discussions or make any decisions regarding how or if we are to move forward. We have two large units at our Methodist Church. Does anyone know when the new affiliation agreement will be made available to view or have a link? I attended the zoom informational meeting, but have yet to see the agreement and I cannot find it online.
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