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  1. I’m exhausted...after two full years of a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, I can’t take it anymore. I live in a closed state, sucks for me. I have been in therapy almost a year now and it has been a nightmare. I am certain that this was not worth it. I voted against the plan but now I just want it to be done. I will change my vote to yes, opt for the $3500 pay out and let my church off the hook... I wasn’t going to win an SOL fight against their billions anyway. Makes me angry and sad, but I honestly thought something good may possibly come out of this. My wife understands me bett
  2. Is there somewhere one can go to find that their vote was recorded correctly? I voted against the plan through the mail but my attorney is one of the "those" and I was just hoping that he somehow didn't vote after me by master ballot changing my vote to for the plan. There are so many documents to plow through and the OMNI site is very un-user friendly, plus I'm old and not so tech savy.
  3. They have totally ignored me, emailed a couple of times. I am in a closed state though so I can't provide them with a lot of money so that's why I am no longer profitable for them.
  4. My attorney sent an email stating that if you would like to talk to him about the vote, email his assistant and they will schedule a time. I emailed the assistant, no response....emailed again, no response....why do I even have an attorney? He has done nothing. I have done all of the listening to court proceedings, reading the documents, finding information on my own..... Could it be that I live in a closed state and won't be the cash cow he was hoping for? I wouldn't put that past him.
  5. There may be hope. New York Senator Gillibrand introduced a bill Wednesday that would encourage states through incentives to end the statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions and civil suits involving childhood sexual abuse. The bill would provide states with a 5% boost in federal grant awards for training and law enforcement and prosecutors in handling child sexual abuse cases. Let’s hope this bill passes. Don’t have a lot of faith in Congress, or the White House right now. But hope springs eternal.
  6. That's absolutely the LDS' view. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/82a47dab-b75d-43b7-ae01-00b6dc8a17b0_3263.pdf You would think that an organization, especially a “church”, would feel some sort of moral obligation to do whatever they need to do to help victims who were under their care. Regardless if they are forced by the court to do so. Very disappointed in my church
  7. There aren’t many things in this world more unlikeable than insurance companies... (Deleted)
  8. This is what I have been feeling for the last several weeks. I think we were used by almost everyone. Looks like it has turned into a finger pointing exercise and every man for himself situation. Especially because I wasn’t told about the SOL when I signed up.... .01% is not worth it, neither is $3500. I get the feeling BSA wishes it had never gone this route, not that it had much choice but I don’t think they ever dreamed there were 84,000 cases out there.
  9. I have been reading these posts with great interest.... I still don’t understand how I, living in a closed state, have any incentive to vote for this plan. Yes, I know there is the $3500 option or the .01% I could possibly receive from any determination from the court appointed trustee which could be about $1500.00 minus the 40% lawyer cut. I have spent tons more than that on counseling.... and basically trying to keep myself together. I still don’t think this was helpful in any way or worth digging up the horrific memories. I realize that money won’t make it all better but finally seeing
  10. I just found out I live in a SOL state which basically means I went through all this for nothing. Why is it to my advantage to vote for the plan? Seems like everyone wins but me... BSA, Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Local Councils and Chartered Organizations will all be ok while I still get to go through therapy. Nothing seems to change with this nightmare, I finally thought that something good could come out of it....guess not. For me this was not worth it.
  11. I am having trouble finding the table that they reference tonight regarding the different states statutes of limitations. They said all the states were grouped into 5 tiers. Best to worst. I can’t seem to find that table...any help?
  12. Wow, I could get whiplash with all of the back and forth in this case. It's amazing to me that after 1.5 years of this case, there is so much still up in the air. Looks like the only winners will be lawyers. Sad.
  13. That is interesting. In my case, the LDS Church selected all the leaders and in my opinion was more protective of my abuser than BSA. I think the LDS Church definitely needs to step up. I emailed my attorney to see how I could help.... but I didn’t get any response. I know, he probably doesn’t need my help. But my question is will Chartered Organizations only be responsible for cases where they were involved or will they put money into the pot for everyone?
  14. I made the mistake of letting my wife read my POC. It was the only way I could bring myself to give details on my experience. I couldn’t speak the words but having them written down was supposed to be easier. It was a little horrifying, part of the fun I have been having dealing with all the reemergence of memories. Pure hell.
  15. So I hope I am understanding this complex case.... Ballpark timing... 2 months to vote and approve BSA deal After that, about 6 months to deal with insurance companies and any Chartered Organizations. Then the court appointed trustee will review each case and determine compensation...that could take a really long time... so we are 12 - 18 months away from any conclusion? Is that possible?
  16. Oh of course, I am willing to wait for a long time if it means a fair settlement and some changes at BSA but it just seems like things move so slowly.
  17. Is it just me or is this dragging on and on? The next court date not until July 21st? Good grief, the attorneys are making a fortune by prolonging this. Surely there can be something more done than having a hearing every 45 days.
  18. It seems to me that Chartered Organizations should be held a lot more liable than they are. In my case, it was the LDS church who appointed the individual who abused me to be involved in scouting. They made all the decisions, did most of the training and making of the assignments. I actually think it was more their fault than even BSA.
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