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  1. Thanks! My main worry was that there may have been YPT, or Guide To Safe Scouting guidelines that were violated, and that may cause issues or negative impacts for my pack. If there's nothing preventing visits like this, then I'm fine with it too.
  2. I'm the Cubmaster for a small pack, and have recently been put in an awkward situation. My Bear Den leader and I attended Wood Badge training together and he ended up in a patrol with the COR from my oldest son's troop. Unbeknownst to me, the COR invited my den leader to visit the troop the following Monday. While I feel that common courtesy dictates that the COR should have let me know about the invitation, overall, I don't have an issue with an adult Cub Scout leader visiting a troop. The issue that I have with the situation is that my leader came to the troop meeting with his Bear s
  3. Hello everyone! I am the Cubmaster of a small pack, a committee member for a troop, and a merit badge counselor located in Northwest Georgia. I just completed my first weekend of Wood Badge training and I'm still riding that wave of energy 🏄‍♂️! I'm always looking for fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, and sound advice. Thanks for having me.
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