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  1. The TCC explained that it was the BSA that agreed to the use of the data as long as the dashboards weren't shared with any other entities. The TCC though specifically invited the LC's to share their dashboard if they wanted. The BSA's NDA prevented that. Remember, at the meeting outside of mediation where the TCC explained the methodology it was the BSA as the Zoom host that pulled the plug before any LC was allowed to ask a question.
  2. That's a shame. If you have a lawyer, did he/she spell this out? I'm always wondering how in-depth some attorneys discussed the process versus churning POCs.
  3. Yes, and what time will also hold are recurring MONTHLY fees that will NOT be paid for the time being by anyone other than the attorneys that formed and stay a part of the coalition. Every victim should be hopeful that those increasing balances don't impact the coalition's supporting what's BEST for VICTIMS and there's no rush to settle for less money sooner so bills can be paid.
  4. By virtue of the current RSA those three cannot until October 18 deadline is reached OR the debtor (BSA) ends the RSA voluntarily by submitting a new plan thereby invalidating the existing RSA.
  5. And a shout out around then to "then now" as well!
  6. Sorry for your loss. I appreciate you sharing the story. A good discussion of "keeping secrets": https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-compassion-chronicles/201903/why-adult-victims-childhood-sexual-abuse-dont-disclose
  7. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00038-012-0426-1 Methods We included studies published between 2002 and 2009 that reported CSA in children below 18 years. We performed a random effects meta-analysis and analyzed moderator variables by meta-regression. Results Fifty-five studies from 24 countries were included. According to four predefined types of sexual abuse, prevalence estimates ranged from 8 to 31 % for girls and 3 to 17 % for boys. Nine girls and 3 boys out of 100 are victims of forced intercourse. Heterogeneity between primary studies was high in all analyses.
  8. I do not use this forum normally for one-on-one debate. That said, it appeared to me that your assumption was that there were fewer than 82,000 cases of abuse. If I was wrong and you believe there were more, my apologies. If your assumption is that we will never know the true number then we both agree. My point was that when 16% is generally accepted as being the prevalence, and this as been cited consistently, then before anyone assumes the amount in abuse is less in scouting they should do the math.
  9. Multi-tasking while the hearing proceeds..... Your comments will certainly create head-shaking. I'd like you to consider one accepted principle of abuse, especially among men. That is the fact that it takes years and decades for people, again, especially men, to come forward as victims of sexual abuse. While the validation process will determine the number of unduplicated valid claims I'd like you to consider that there will also be many many victims who have not come forward, or never will, or may later in life. PLEASE do your research into the prevalence and behavior of sexual abuse vict
  10. I really don't care what his motivation is. Just remember, while LC assets might appear attractive to some the prospect of hundreds of LC bankruptcy proceedings, those expenses and decreased available compensation for victims, shouldn't be.
  11. Of course. Wouldn't it be interesting if we lived in a world where an amount was accepted, escrowed, and if there are invalid claims the money were "returned" to the insurers. But, that would leave less for valid claims. The fight to provide settlement money to the people who in part paid the policy premiums is going to get uglier and take more time than any victim wants to spend. But, victims will get ONE shot at the largest settlement trust possible if they can stay patient when it's hardest. Insurers know that time is on their side and they do everything possible to exploit it.
  12. Absolutely. Unfortunately, that has to be balanced against the amount of time it will take to validate claims. No one wants to wait YEARS for that to happen before a vote can be take. That's the problem with addressing mass sexual tort via bankruptcy and why the best TDP and settlement amount must be fought for now.
  13. Yes. This reminds me of two items. One, the TCC has said that it is an advocate of a robust system of claim validation and that one dollar going to an invalid claim is one dollar denied to a valid one. As the saying goes, to those who are given much, much is expected. We can all argue what a "robust" validation process will look like but that's where a Trust and validation professionals they hire (yes, there are firms that specialize in this as it relates to abuse) come in. If you expect the maximum payment though it really is reasonable to expect that claimants will do more than take a l
  14. So people should only report when it's obvious, and keep their mouths shut when they aren't sure? That opinion would make abusers everywhere smile. It's why we need systems where every concern is raised and if 99 are looked into, and cleared, but the one that is "real" is found then the system works. I was abused and went on to be an adult volunteer when my children were in scouting. I was hyper-vigilant never to be in a situation where my behavior could be questioned and I demanded the same of those around me including raising ANY concerns within the troop so they could be addressed immed
  15. Agreed. Lots of details looming right now but I suspect down the road many will seem small compared to the details of how any Trust and Awards Process are actually being operated.
  16. Not entirely accurate. If memory serves, the insurers had significant issues with his appointment. The TCC if memory serves was strongly advocating for Paul Finn, who had significant experience with abuse cases, so that left the other parties to have a leg up on selecting "their" choices to comprise the three mediators. We need to remember that this is a pretty small and specialized pool so many bankruptcy and trust professionals work together as partners in the morning and then find themselves as opponents in the afternoon! This isn't to promote Green's becoming the Trustee but to at leas
  17. Given that there is another round of mediation starting tomorrow, and a reasonable guess would be that it is to address issues like the chartering organizations, as well as another round of hearings coming up next week, the TCC has rescheduled its August Town Hall to a better date. Here's the filing and explanation: NOTICE OF AUGUST 16, 2021 VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETING HOSTED BY THE OFFICIAL TORT CLAIMANTS’ COMMITTEE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that when the Official Tort Claimants’ Committee (the “TCC”) was formed it embraced three key goals: (1) represent ALL abuse Survivors, (2) work to
  18. Apparently someone's office got a call to suggest the BSA could use a shout-out. Every victim can now reflect on what anniversary it is of their abuse. It's time for the court to be reminded of that before this hearing ends.
  19. Reminds me of the funny red berets we wore in Scouting for a while. I was always envious of the Smokey Bear hats. Alas, I didn't have a good hat head. I'm also starting to think that before this is over we need a mass Zoom meeting to watch these hearings live and share commentary!
  20. Nor do I. But, 4 1/2 years ago my wife got on a bus to Washington with 50 other women to meet thousands more. She put on a funny pink hat and marched. She came home and volunteered to support a candidate, something she had never done. That candidate was elected and re-elected and is now effecting change. That model has been repeated across the Country for all kinds of candidates on both sides of the aisle. It starts with an unwillingness to accept that things won'tr change. We all want change in some form so that past victims are treated adequately and there are no victims in the future
  21. Agreed. I also do believe that change will come from those most impacted, the victims. We have lived in the shadows for far too long. Our Society's image of masculinity made that our safe space because it was expected. It's still a safe place. But, times have changed and our abuse is known and a part of the "me too" era when sexual abuse is being confronted. Now, victims who are able must speak out of they expect change. Documentaries have been made covering the hearings and trial and stories connected to USA Gymnastics. That was approximately 500 victims and while one is too many BSA
  22. Or just perhaps the BSA and AD-Hoc got cold feet about excluding the Charter Organizations. Some may not like the payment of the Coalition professional fees but I bet a whole lot of victims would be irate if the charter organizations were included in an injunction without providing any compensation.
  23. My money is on the TCC. Remember, in bankruptcy, like politics, a day is a year. Much can and often changes quickly. "Dead" deals are resurrected miraculously. Also, just a reminder, the TCC will be providing its "take" on the situation in a week: NOTICE OF VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETINGS HOSTED BY THE OFFICIAL COMMITTEE OF BOY SCOUT ABUSE SURVIVORS The next TCC Town Hall will be held on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT. Zoom link: https://pszjlaw.zoom.us/j/89421964324 (no registration required) or Join by phone: 888-788-0099, meeting id 894 2196 4
  24. That's a really good analogy. The hardest thing to do is be patient as this unfolds, and remain confident that the interests of victims are being fought for as best as possible. Victims are a strong and that strength has never been needed more than now. Another day...week..month...stay strong.
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