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  1. woah? A girl in the OA, I mean why would you want to be in it? The tap-out and cerimonies would be just a little odd. And why would you want to watch old men jump around in loincloths? Not my idea of a fun time for a girl.
  2. When I was talking to my friend tonight on Instant Messager he asked my why he should be in the OA. Why should one be in the OA. I mean its not a ton of fun is it? However, I still enjoy OA and will in the future.
  3. Thanks for all the help on this guys!
  4. I have seen many diffrent things about diffrent branches of Boy Scouts. There seems to be 3 branches Boy Scouts, Order of the Arrow, Venture Crew. Are there any other branches I have heard about; Sea Scouts and Varisty Scouts, But what are they. If so what are the requirements for them?
  5. Two days ago I completed my ordeal cerimonies. I was told the Admonition but i couldnt hear them, they just kinda mumbled it to me. I know what it means. I know everything about it, Ie was wondering if some one could tell me the Admonition. Ive been to the jumpstart website but i cant find my handbook, You can send me an email at cold_as_ice_dude@hotmail.com that would be great! thanks -Bobers(This message has been edited by calmsi1ence)
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