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  1. I did follow the links. There's still an adult award but it's basically the Hornaday Gold Medal which required 20+ years of work. The Hornaday program also had a badge adults could earn after just three years. https://www.bsacac.org/my_files/william_t_hornaday_gold_badge.pdf Jeremy
  2. I'm very disappointed that they didn't keep the same award structure which allowed for a badge for adults and also a certificate for units. Those are the two things I wanted my pack and I to work toward. If this Hornaday name was the issue, all they had to do was remove the name. I think the rest of the program was OK. Jeremy
  3. I attended Brownsea II in Iowa in the early 90s and the strip patch I was given went on my left sleeve on the bottom, below the position patch. The strip kind of looks like this but says "Brownsea II" and has different colors: Last week I saw a Scout leader my age wearing the same Brownsea II patch below his right pocket and I wondered (1) if adults who went through the program can wear it at all, and (2) if so where it should go. I saw some other forum posts that said it was a permanent award, but I'm not sure if that means adults can wear it, and it sounds like it might depend on w
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