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  1. Excuse me? All comments shared are shared with our DE. I was advised to contact National and I did. It is not my decision. I also agreed there were gray area in regards to this. I also thought the OA National policy weighs heavily in this situation. I appreciate everyone’s time. I think it’s important to weigh all options in this situation to ensure policy is met. There has been a lot of thought put into many of the responses. I’m really surprised to see the last one. This is a forum to ask questions, National sent that to me to reference and I do feel as though the OA National polic
  2. Ok I talked to nationals -Guide to National Elections covers this in #8 of the description. Our DE is supportive to move forward with the election for this Scout. Thank you Tayna at Nationals. They do not interpret policy and said this is a fine line, but the FAQ page does refer to this question. Thank you for everyone’s input.
  3. Would it work to CIT for a few days? I found a camp out of Council to offer this scout if they choose to do it.
  4. This Scout will be going off to college, and will not be back in our Council next year. The last callout for OA is this coming Wednesday. I u defat and limitations and will break the news to the Scout.
  5. Hello, I can’t understand that we would sway any scout from leading and spending less time camping and not attending their Summer Camp. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s basically rewarding to do what is in their best interest instead of the troops beat interest. This scout will be two nights of camping short if that is the case. This scout got 6 overnights and much more experience doing it than attending one 2 night weekend. i hate to break the news to this scout and I feel it’s interpretation, I haven’t heard back from National or Council yet. We may have to break the ne
  6. If a Scout attends a long term camp NYLT for the 5 nights towards OA. Then attends a winter campout with inclement weather so they ended up staying in a walled non heated shelter but cooked outside and camp stove. 1 night attended a Spring Camporee for 2 nights Helped with a day camp for younger scout and camped out at night for 3 nights. Went to the normal Scout camp because it’s the SPL to support their troop camping. They camped over the fire one night and slept in canvas tents or under the stars. They made sandwiches the night of Wilderness survival and built a shel
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