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  1. Skye08

    Taking my daughter on camp

    I'm confused, why merge my thread with one I know nothing about :/!?
  2. Skye08

    Taking my daughter on camp

    I suggested that but she doesn't like being away from me for long. As I said, the other leaders/scouts don't mind but its just me worrying that it will be far to cold for her so should I just make sure her jacket is zipped and hood up or hat on?
  3. Skye08

    Taking my daughter on camp

    I am going on a camping weekend with the scouts that I'm a leader with but will have to take my 8yr old daughter along with me which the other kids/leaders don't mind. The problem is, I can't think of anything useful that she could do whilst there plus the weather isn't going to be great, if the forecast is anything to go by so she will need to take a hat and jacket but she usually loses hats and point blank refuses to zip her jacket up which means that I'm going to have to do it for her then explain that its unpleasant weather so needs zipped up.