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  1. We ask a lot from our leaders and we don't make them pay for the privilege of spending so much time helping us run the program. We have an effective fundraising team and they find ways to raise more than enough to cover the expense of having such fine, dedicated leaders. It actually makes it easier for us to recruit leaders.
  2. qwazse - One of them has been coming to Scouts since her brother was a Tiger and she was 3 yrs old. She is arguably a more able scout than most of the boys in that troop. We are lucky to have her as our first Patrol Leader. Also our whole committee is fully on board with having a troop for the ladies and we already have 4 moms as registered leaders in our troop for boys.
  3. I suspect the new troop should charter with a paper applications. Expect it to be a rough start. In such circumstances, having paper copies will come in handy. I think the link is the common CO that both troops will have. If anybody else has prepared a charter for a linked troop, it would be good to hear if there's a special check-box or paperwork for a linked troop. It's not that I doubt @John-in-KC's friend knows what's working in his council. But, it would be good to know if multiple councils have the same chartering process. I would not be surprised if national's soup-to-nuts instruction on how to charter a linked troop won't be in place until the end of next month. (Hoping I'm wrong.) How many older girls do you have who could get Eagle if they got an extension? We have 3 out of the 5 new girls that will need the extension.
  4. John-in-KC yes, I have talked to my DE and he had little to no idea how the process works to link them. I have actually started a new unit before but it was a standalone and it was just a traditional boy troop and everyone new what to do. National and council act like girls joining is a secret process that you have to have a decoder ring to figure out. There are no resources and processes other than what I've gleaned of the internet. Our council website has not even acknowledged that girls can join Cub Scouts yet and that was months ago. I disagree with starting a new forum called "Starting New Units". Starting a new unit for the ladies is different than starting a boy unit. There are a lot of issues and questions that we should all be discussing that is specific to the girls. That's fine, John-in-KC! Thank you.
  5. We are getting ready to start a new troop for the girls and we want to have a linked troop with our existing troop. Our Council, as usual, is slow with info and vague when they finally do release anything. My question is this: What do we have to do to establish the link and where does that happen? Also, is the form to get the extension for the older girls for Eagle the same as the old one for the boys ( Also, do we have to apply online or can we charter with paper applications? I would appreciate any info I can get!!
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