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  1. Camp Barnhardt - Central NC Council - New London, NC Camp Raven Knob - Old Hickory Council - Mt. Airy, NC Camp Daniel Boone - Canton, NC Camp Bud Schiele - Rutherfordton, NC
  2. I agree about this Scouting stuff becoming too hard/complicated. Thank you for your response. Hopefully they understand what you’re saying.
  3. We always try to meet that rule as best as we can. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t have 2 leaders at a Scout function that wee at least 21.
  4. There is no liability issues that would differ from normal circumstances. I am not the only leader. All of are other leaders meet the “above 21” rule. Also, I know it’s not my job, but there is a job to do. Anyone who doesn’t consider being a Scoutmaster a job doesn’t understand the entire role.
  5. I respect your input but I’m going to have to disagree. I took on this role when no one else would. I put in as much time and effort as any Scoutmaster (the size of my troop). I learned from multiple Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmaster over my time in Scouts. My Chartered Organization has no reason to worry considering I’ve done nothing but help get my Troop back on track. The parents can accept me or not, I still have a job to do and I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say I’m not a Scoutmaster considering you have no idea of situation or th
  6. Yea that what I'll probably end up doing. There were two other leaders on this trip who witnessed his problems, so I'll probably discuss it with them and see if they feel the same way I do.
  7. I remember our first time trying to get purified water on a backpacking trip. Our first experience was also late at night and it took forever to find the spring.
  8. Yes, I have the support of the other leaders (probably 3 in total that show up regularly).
  9. For this past trip (where we had problems with the leader) our cars were parked right at the campsite. This wasn't a backpacking trip and we were staying in a state park campground. For our backpacking trips, we aren't near the vehicles at all. The problem with Grandpaw is he doesn't go on any of the trips so he doesn't see the problems. He also isn't the easiest person to deal with himself.
  10. We have done a good number of 10 miles hikes and backpacking trips. The past couple years we have been doing 2-3 backing trips a year. Grayson Highlands is our favorite spot so far but we just don't get to spend enough time there during one weekend.
  11. Another one of our leaders (also my Grandpaw) accepted the official title as Scoutmaster once we lost ours a couple months ago. I said I am unofficially the Scoutmaster because he put all of the responsibilities on me and I accepted. The only reason I am not the official Scoutmaster is because I am only 19.
  12. Actually we are a 50 year old troop. We have had a rough past 2 years, with our charter organization dropping us cause of problems with the cub pack, losing more than half our troop due to parent problems, and trying to renovate our scout hut. I'm am trying to rebuild and get us back to a decent troop but I have very little support.
  13. It’s all good man. Didn’t give all the information cause I felt like I was writing a book. Haha. Appreciate the response.
  14. The only reason I gave in the his “big tent” demand is that there wasn’t much room to put multiple other leader tents since the big one would take up most of the plot space (it was a state park campsite so there is not much tent room). I didn’t really allow him to give me crap. I stood my ground and told him what I needed to tell him.
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