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  1. I don't let mine go half naked as a learning experiance. She goes half naked (no coat and when she can get away with it no shoes) because she is hot natured. I know in the orginal post she said her daughter would go without a coat and then complain because she was cold. My post was next and I said mine did the same but I made her take her coat with (even we are just going from car to in the store) because of all the judgemental people and their stares and comments about her not having a coat on and I had one on.... I didn't clarify that she doesn't then complain because she is cold. She is VER
  2. See, I was thinking they would need to actually build a robot even for Brownies... How does drawing one or even making one out of cardboard get you interested in robotics? I was thinking getting kits and actually building one for each girl, or a bigger one they all put together would make this badge pretty expensive. I guess if you just draw it, it won't but I am like you and believe even Brownies could do more than just think about building a robot. They won't even know if their prototype works since it's only a drawing or made from cardboard.... I'll pass on this one I beleive. The col
  3. If you figure it out, let me know. My 7 year old is the same way. She will wear nothing but a light jacket even when it snows, unless she is playing in it. I have her take her bigger coat and leave it at school so if they are outside for an extended time she has it, if she gets cold. (It is REALLY more so that the teacher realizes, yes, she has a jacket, she just refuses to wear it. If you can get her to, more power to you!) I have to do the same thing about shoes. She takes her shoes off as soon as she gets in the vehicle and/or home. Sometimes it's not worth the fight (she is number 7 -
  4. My problem with some of these new badges, I have no knowledge of the subject matter they are trying to teach and because they are "extra" and don't come with the book, I have to pay $3.00 to see if it's even anything either I or another parent could teach. I'm not sure how I am supposed to teach a daisy K-1 how to design a roller coaster and/or robot. I'm sure it would be cool to do, but I have no clue how that works. I also have no clue on coding and firewalls. I can see me spending hours about hours trying to figure out enough about coding to teach it to someone else. This IS where I would
  5. I do see this as a problem. When I was with cub/boy scouts with my 21 year old son there was someone local and I knew (from seeing him at the weekly meetings) that I could go and talk to about starting a new den if I wanted to (the pack leader). With Girl scouts there is no such person that I as an individual go go up to that I know from seeing them at meetings and say hey, I'd like to start a troop (den) for my daughter. There is a Service Unit leader (she is actually in most cases a troop leader of an older girl troop) but I wouldn't see her as a parent. The leaders all get together (withou
  6. The differnce you are making is true with Daisy and Brownies (K-3)... and here is why. Cub scouts are family oriented and the whole family attends and then when they reach Boy Scouts they are less family oriented and do things without the parents. Girl scouts don't encourage family camping or even family at meetings. It's just the girls and their leaders even in K and first grade. So the younger girl scouts don't usually do as much camping but as they get older even 3rd grade they (we do anyway) camp several times a year. We started with a campout at our meeting place (remember we are talking
  7. I know this is an old post, but I just joined, so it's new to me. If this was my daughters troop I would ask to lead a meeting or plan a trip and do something different, even if it is just go upstairs for a swim party. I would LOVE to meet in an area like that.... we don't even have an area like that within an hour from us... If I kept hearing no, I would start a new troop next year for my daughter and show up at recruitment and let them know how many of what age level I would wanted and then do my own thing. Some may not like it and break off and form their own troop or ask to be switched to
  8. I am currently a Girl scout Co-leader of a Brownie troop. In previous years when my now 27, 23 and 21 year old kids were in scouts I was a GS leader, co-leader and Den monther during their scouting times. When trying to compare Boy scouts and Girl Scouts you would think you were comparing apples to apples but really you aren't. You are comparing apples to oranges, Not even yellow apples to green apples. Because they are set up so differently. You can compare them but when you say Boy scout Troop or Cub Scout Troop or Pack or Group it does NOT comapre to a Girl Scout Troop. A troop in Girl scou
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