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  1. This does not surprise me at all. The Boy Scouts or Scouts BSA, or whatever they want to be called, have lost their way and might as well just open it up all the way. Take God out of the oath, allow atheists and/or anyone with a desire to fork over the membership dues to join. Adults should be allowed to earn the Eagle Scout Award just like the youth, requirements should be lifted and it should be a participation award. This comes from the thoughts of a former professional scouter and a family of Eagle Scouts. I am currently a COR as well and that will be cut short very soon.
  2. BSA, or "Scouts, BSA", have lost their way. I was a Scoutmaster for 10 years, and a District Executive. I left in 2013 because I saw the writing and I was right. I no longer support the scouting movement. That's just my preference.
  3. My breaking point came in 2013. I was the new DE and ready and willing to make our council better and, starting that year to present, the BSA has taken the wind out of my sails. I immediately resigned as DE, then soon after left scouting all together. I want to remember BSA the way it was, not what it has become. That is just me.
  4. I am surprised that the BSA has let this young man down Leadership at the troop, council or national is to blame. The BSA has left its values long ago by allowing any youth based on what they identify as (the transgender issue) and even have a merit badge labeled 'Disability Awareness'. I was a Scoutmaster for over ten years and have even served as a professional scouter 'District Executive' and I find that the BSA has lost its way along the path and the Eagle has turned out to be a sparrow. To see the sadness in this young man's face hurts and I truly believe this is leadership failure. Way t
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