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  1. Richard is the chairman of the Batcheldor Scout Museum for the Mid-America Council and a really great guy. Glad someone could help him out!
  2. bunchref

    Good Turn for America Patch

    And how does your advertisement relate to the thread about the Good Turn patch placement???
  3. "I used to be an Eagle, a good ol' Eagle too, But now I've finished Eagling, I don't know what to do, I'm growing old and feeble and I can Eagle no more, So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to GILWELL, happy land! I'm going to work my ticket if I can" C-22-02 but never a staffer! My friend in Uganda just received his beads but they have different critters. Maybe I'll get him to post here. He is a Zebra from Mukono District and they do their WB training on the shores of Lake Victoria and sleep in grass huts. Sounds cool, doesn't it?
  4. bunchref

    Eagle BOR – passed without POR

    Although the OP topic dealt with POR the discussion has morphed into the EBOR process. In my district (and my troop) there seems to be a greater emphasis on the number of Eagle Scouts advanced rather than upon the quality of the process and whether or not the Scout actually did what is required to meet the high standards for the Eagle rank. The last Eagle Scout from our troop was on the eve of his 18th birthday. It didn't look like he was going to make it. Then, miraculously, he musters up a few of his buddies and does some type of service project. It wasn't approved in advance (not sure it this is still a requirement) and the way it was done surely didn't show any leadership abilities. It didn't even meet the normal procedure within our troop to include everyone in the project. It was a fly-by-night done with the sole purpose of giving the rank to a Scout that lacked the ambition to get it done himself. It was a massive push by the parent and the Eagle Scout coordinator to get the boy through as an Eagle. How do you address or combat the district EBOR with this type of attitude? I'm not on the advancement committee and don't sit on EBORs because several years ago I didn't want to sign off on a Scout that showed up in tattered blue jeans. The chairman of the EBOR at the time said his home troop only required a Scout shirt so he was fully uniformed by their standards. I know this is getting off-topic, but if we expect boys that go to Jamboree or NYLT to be fully uniformed, why would it be unreasonable to expect a boy desiring the highest youth award in the BSA to have a complete uniform (or at least wear a pair of dress slacks that shows a little bit of respect and decorum for a solemn occasion)? I'm sorry, but the Eagle Scout rank doesn't seem to hold a lot of distinction around here these days. Of course, that is just my opinion. To say I am disappointed would be putting it lightly.