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  1. I was wondering the same thing. How involved in the planning, in a boy led troop, are the boys once the decision is made to hold a fundraiser? I'm on our committee and a few of our ASM's have complained that our last fundraiser was not boy led, that they need to do it not the committee or parents. We hosted a bazaar, the rental fee from each vendor was the fundraiser. It did very well, but for the majority of the planning, getting vendors, renting a location, advertising etc., was done by myself and my son on occasion. The boys did participate by setting up the day before and by being the
  2. I'm already the advancement chair and will more than likely be the CC in about a year. I also am a firm believer that boy scouts should have a male leader to lead them. I was a den leader back in cubs but in my opinion boys, especially ones that may not have a strong male role model need it more in pre-teen/teen years. My husband was thinking about it but his work schedule makes it hard for him to go to many outings and he didn't feel that was fair to the boys. He is on the committee as the new parent coordinator.
  3. Thank you all for your input on this and the warm welcome. It has become a moot point, the SM announced last night he was stepping down and leaving the troop at months end. There were other issues that happened over the weekend where he lost his temper not only at the Girl Scout leader but a BoyScout parent in front of scouts in a very public display. Now our CC and committee have to decide on a new SM. Any suggestions on how to proceed with interviews and selection process would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you, glad I found these forums. Lots of great stuff here.
  5. I am searching to see if there is a policy in place stating Girl Scouts or any other or youth group for that matter cannot participate in a troop activity? I had permission from our CC to allow a joint recruitment table at our local fair. It was our troops area at the fair and the Girl scouts added a small table with info on it to join Girl Scouts. I was told by our SM that it is against BSA policy to allow Girl Scouts in any troop activities. I cannot find anything regarding this. Thank you.
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