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    HI everyone! My name is Gerred Bell. I am an Eagle Scout from Georgia. I am also a member of Epsilon Tau Pi, the Eagle Scout Fraternity and have served as an adult leader in South Georgia. I love the outdoors and doing high adventure activities.

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  1. Hey! Yes, the letters do have meaning. But we only reveal that meaning after initiation. The P, or R, you guys are thinking is "Rho", by the way. Our letters are ETPi, or ETP, as blw2 said. G
  2. Yes, we're a pretty new fraternity (only 17 years old). We decided to take a more specific, targeted approach than APO in that we are single-sex and solely Eagle Scouts. It forms a special bond, especially in college meeting other guys right from the get-go who got to the same rank in Scouting! That's cool, Sentinel! Small world--I'm actually working on an initiative with one of the founding brothers at Ohio State. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm currently not volunteering, but plan to get back into that role in the next few months!
  3. This is so true! One of the biggest things about leading people is showing you trust them and you believe in them. And then getting out of the way to let them shine! One of the best books I've read on leadership that makes you and your people stand out is Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. It categorizes your team into X-type and Y-type people, X-types being the ones who are on the team and only do the bare minimum to get by and Y-types being the ones who are self-motivated and ambitious, always exceeding expectations. The trick is that it comes down to how you lead these people--are you expecting them to be lazy and not get the work done? Or are you giving them a picture of the possibilities and letting them run with it? Do they feel like everything they do has to be approved by you, or are they secure in their position (because you've instilled it in them) and make impressive decisions on their own? As leaders, we have great power to influence those under our guidance. How will we use it?
  4. Thanks a ton for the warm welcome!
  5. Hi all! My name is Gerred. I'm new to the forum but would like to look around and learn from everyone as I continue as a volunteer with the BSA and possibly as a future professional Scouter. I love scouting and the work we do in making young people the leaders of the future. I'm an Eagle Scout who graduated college a few years back, and I was a brother of Epsilon Tau Pi, the Eagle Scout Fraternity (Epsilontaupi.org). I'm looking forward to meeting many of you!
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