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  1. Ok so update time.. We are at the end of the year and things kinda got skewed a bit. My SPL got a whiff of perfume and gasoline. He essentially went AWOL. My patrol leader is trying to do what he can but with his ADHD (I knew nothing about) it has proved difficult. My most senior kid I put into a troop guide position so that he could guide the new kids and direct the older ones (especially the SPL). He pretty much took over SPL leader positions. The straw that broke the camels back for me, was our group fundraiser. He promised to show. The day off I received no phone calls, no texts no
  2. Let me rephrase. "I told them it is ok to download free music from the internet. As long as it from a reputable source and the source is giving it away for free. For example: Amazon. One day Amazon decides to give away Adele's "Hello". Then and only then is it ok to download for free. They understood what I was saying. One said "So you mean no P2P, or torrents etc... ?" He was pretty bummed about it, though I still think he will download it anyway.
  3. We just did this for the entire troop. I had to lead it as no one in the troop even knew about it. I did mine in groups of three. Each older boy above grade 8, covered two topics for the EDGE method. It was kinda hard using the EDGE to teach a boy to understand the rules for being online. The boy in the under 8 did one of the simplier topics. I told them to write a paragraph explaining what they are covering and develop three questions behind each subject to ask the troop. Then let someone ask and correct them if they are wrong. It went ok. Most of my kids already understood
  4. Agreed. I dont think its going to go any further. If we do anything with anyone. It will be my guy/girl calling their guy/girl. I know we made plans but with my recent knowledge from the District Unit Commissioner probably not. Agreed. There will be no merger FYI. Just a rogue mom who thinks she runs things. I am staying far far away!!!! Im going to bet that she figured new SM (I met her at the first round table I went to) easy target. I almost bit... almost.
  5. Ok so another update. WOW!!! Is all that I have for this update. The dissolving troop is not dissolving. Its just pruning the few bad limbs. Initial contact was the travel coordinator chair at the dissolving troop (she has a few boys in the troop) Anyways between our conversations, she said she was told to reach out and see about moving the boys to our troop. She was to use this trip as a test to see if they boys would mesh well. I went through the proper procedures, submitted our troops travel permit(our TC currently has no PC knowledge). I submitted our tax exempt info etc..
  6. I started with 7. If we add the boys who came back and the new crossovers that makes it 14. If we add these new boys we will be at 20-24.
  7. Another update. We are probably going to add an additional 5-10 boys to our troop in the next 30 days. The SM of a local Troop is dissolving. He doesn't have the help and cant do it alone any more. The troops members are going with us on our monthly trip this month to see if everyone meshes. (I dont see why not) After that the boys and 2 ASM will transfer to my troop. They have been thinking about moving the boys to another local troop but they weren't convinced that troop was a good fit for their boys. Once they found out I was the SM at my troop, they said my reputation and dedication were
  8. Agreed, but if I didnt get them moving the right step then the troop ship would never be up righted. The model(s) that are being put in place, should keep the ship upright. I am hoping I dont have to train them other than a few pep talks here and there. I plan on using my individual time with them during the meetings to teach them how to lead so they will get multiple sources of guidance. One from me, one from the leaders in place. It is very nice to know that my name means well. The boys were promised things by the old SM and he was absentee a lot. One parent the nail in the coffin was whe
  9. Ok so Pizza Hut is asking for a 501©(3) number... Is that the church's number or something we need to apply for? We do not have a FIN, or the 501©(3)
  10. Thanks. Figured it would blow up in my face (thinking the SPL might quit and take his 2 brothers with him), so far it has put confidence in the young man. 16 is the SPL(will become Eagle in roughly May), 14 is the ASPL(PL)
  11. The last thread got a little off track. Im going to try and keep this one as my primary update thread. I am a little over a month into being SM, and here is where we stand. I am working on getting to completely boy led. It has taken some doing but I think I am almost there. I sat down with my SPL, ASPL(PL) and only ASM (at the time, I have brought the others up to speed) I told the SPL, ASPL, that this is their troop. They are going to run this troop. The SM, ASM's, are here to help you run it. You (the boys)are doing the planning and the leading. I asked them what they thought a
  12. Ok so meeting was good but kinda disappointing. I only had 4 parents show up. Anyhoo, 2 of the parents that filled the committee were there. I appointed one of them as fundraising chair person. Just said I cant handle it. I will get info on fundraising but I want you to check into it. I then handed her 4 different fundraisers info sheets. (some from me, some from the council). She said awesome I was hoping you would give it to me and she didnt say it sarcastically. She has already setup the pancake breakfast at Applebees. Just need to make the deposits to hold the spots. I took St
  13. I gave my boys a copy of the new requirements to look at and use if they decide too. I have my book from when I was in Scouting the 10th edition I think. It has all of my advancements signed off, all the way down to my Eagle Board. I find it a a cherished memto of being in scouting. One boy said hey if we get the new book will you sign off on our stuff like that so we can keep it in one book? I told him absolutely. He said he wanted to keep it all together like I did, as it would be nice to go back and remember when he got his advancements.
  14. Ok so quick update. Committee is now full. Something that was resolved and handled without me doing a thing. They have still left fundraising in my hands. Im not too happy with it but whatever... Ill work on getting it transferred. We have school meeting setup and scheduled. We have a parent meeting tonight with 5-7 of the boys/parents not coming back, because they were bored. The Weblos crossers are coming tonight as well. My meeting tonight is it get to know the new SM. ( I wouldnt want my kids going out with someone I havent met.) Im going to be explaining the rest of the ye
  15. I have no brand loyalty. Whatever you get, learn to operate it efficiently, and train with it regularly. Please please carry it concealed, or get the permit to do so. The articles/videos below show what can happen when the adrenaline gets to flowing. Part 1 http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/2016/01/11/ready-aim-truth-how-prepared-good-guys-protect-themselves-and-others-part-1/78655818/ Part 2 http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/local/investigates/2016/01/12/ready-aim-truth-good-guys-vs-bad-guys-part-2/78718008/ I can not confirm nor deny that I carry 100% of the time, or if I have p
  16. Ok so I attended a round-table meeting last week with the district. I quickly noticed a few things that I need to address within my troop. The list is as follows: 1)Committee positions need to be filled. 2)Recruitment of new boys 3)Retention of the scouts 1) Right now we have 2 people on the committee. This has to change. I cant effectively do my job as a SM if I dont have a committee behind me. Ill be spread to thin and the burn out and etc... will follow. I am setting up fundraisers, getting permits etc... I can keep doing it, but Id rather we get back to the committee w
  17. I have had nothing but the perfect bound for all of my scouting days. I didnt have a single page fall out. I take pretty good care of my belongings. (not saying others dont) Saying all that to say this. I prefer the perfect bound, but the suggestion of replacing pages is nice in the spiral bound. But.... it not fitting well into the handbook cover sucks.
  18. Noted for future use. Probably should of done that. Will from now on.
  19. Let me clear the informing them to wear a uniform or other things I have done. Im not very detailed on the reporting back. I deal with less is more at work. So my lack of details may be causing confusion in my intentions and thoughts. I had a meeting with the SPL and PL before the meeting started. I asked them what they wanted to do. (I shut my mouth and let them tell me how they wanted to run the troop.) They told me they feel its more a hangout, with occasional skills thrown in. They wanted it back to the way it was a couple years ago. Uniforms worn, and more fun stuff. They want t
  20. Every parent should volunteer for something like refreeing. There will be a revival at kids activities.
  21. As for the boy that left. Yes I got his background, and pretty much what I said is what he does. His father and mom are not around and he has extreme trouble reading. He hasnt had any real structure in his life. There is more but essentially the people that raised him just let him do whatever. If he doesnt like something he leaves. Which is why he is home schooled. I consider it a loss anytime a boy walks out the door, but its their decision.
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