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  1. Hi, Just to say a big thank you to the people that have contacted me about this. I will get the Beavers (5y9m - 8 year olds) to put together some greetings and questions on Thursday if I can. We will certainly be in touch with you. I will also speak to the Cub Leader (8 - 10 year olds) and Scout Leader (10 - 14 year olds) and try to get them involved too, for a better spread of ages. The Cub Leader helps us with Beavers and the Scout Leader is her Husband, so that should be pretty easy! Regards, Stu
  2. Hi everyone, To be honest, I am after a bit of a favour. My Beavers are planning to run an evening talking about Scouting in the USA, and Jamboree this Thursday. This is because we are hosting some Explorer Scouts who are hoping to sell raffle tickets to parents as part of their WSJ fundraising. However, I am hoping to keep the evening more generic where possible. I was wondering if there are any Lion or Tiger Cub Masters or Den Leaders that would be willing to receive an email from myself containing a digest of questions from our Beavers for your Cubs? Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Scout
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