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  1. Thanks, yeah I figured the most simple/logical route would be the way to go. I don't like to sugar coat stuff, and quite honestly I've never been a fan of "give a kid something for not trying", like a consolation prize. You didn't earn it, you don't get it. These days, that's likely to get you sued (or worse) though, just wanted to see what others might be doing in that situation.
  2. Fred, Our pack meets from 6:15 until about 7:30. My son's bedtime is usually about when the pack ends, but it goes later that night. I understand your frustration though. The age/bedtime thing is also harder for scheduling all of these required den outings this year. A lot of them may require later nights, or evenings and it takes some planning to get around that. It's also harder from a den leader perspective. When kids have the attention span of a bumblebee and there are younger brothers/sisters around, sometimes the older ones get distracted and want to go play with their sibli
  3. For my Den (Tigers) I made up certificates which I plan on handing out at our meeting (before they get the belt loop). A question I had related to this topic is, what do you do if all but one of your boys didn't earn the achievement? I feel bad for him, it wasn't his choice, but do you go through that? Here you go x 4, oh but sorry little Billy, you don't get one. Moving on.. How do you handle that part?
  4. Actually the sport was a rowing/crew. Lots of high school teams were there, it involved racing, time-trials, etc. The parent in question has a preference for the usual team sports, basketball, football, etc. I wanted to expose the den to a sport that was relevant to the region I live in, is actually a challenging TEAM sport and requires planning and real effort to be successful. Not unlike the other "traditional" sports. I got some really good feedback from the other parents, the kids had fun, and everyone learned something new. The cubmaster and all the leadership has been supportive
  5. So, new to the forum, but a situation came up recently where we were doing the sporting event thing for Games Tigers Play (cub scouts Tiger requirement). One of the parents disagreed with the sporting event I chose (asked for input multiple times, didn't get any) and decided not to show up. Now her son is in jeopardy of not receiving his belt loop. Do I just ask them to go to an event of their choice and do A B and C or is this a situation where I need to bring the whole den again? It seems unfair to the kids who took the time to meet to have to meet again due to this one parent's de
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