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  1. Congratulations! I just completed my ticket a couple of weeks ago and received a similar email. I can only describe the sense of relief I felt by comparing it to how I felt in college when I would finish a really long paper or exams.
  2. You make a valid point; communication is key! But this isn't the first scout to earn Palms in our troop, just the first scout under this SM's tenure. I don't know how the requirement was interpreted by our former SM, but I certainly don't recall any Eagle scouts doing any kind of separate projects or performing any special leadership roles to earn their Palms.
  3. Barry, you could very well be right that it could be the SM's pride. On more than one occasion, he has said that our troop is "the best of the best," so maybe he thinks interpreting this requirement rigidly and making a scout really earn a Palm supports or upholds his perceived status of our troop? I think his heart is in the right place, in that he doesn't want scouts just checking off boxes in order to obtain rank advancment; he wants the scouts to actually do the work required and learn the skills. In fact, he and I have disagreed before when he wanted to ask scouts to perform a skill durin
  4. @Krampus: That's how I see it too. I'm one of those that believes strongly in applying the requirements as they are written--not adding anything or taking anything away. I think our troop sometimes suffers from an ego problem: "we're a high caliber troop and we hold our scouts to a higher standard." It's not uncommon for me to share my opposing opinions when leadership has wanted to implement something for our scouts that isn't required by National, e.g., a scout who earned Eagle rank had to attend two ECOHs before he could schedule his own ECOH. (It was a thinly disguised attempt to incre
  5. @desertrat77: I agree that the SM is viewing a palm award as being on the same level of a rank advancement. He may be right, but I can't find anything that supports his perspective. of course, I can't really find anything that supports mine either. @Eagledad: Thanks for sharing your experience. It's interesting that it was the BOR panel that was unwilling to signoff on him. Overall, our SM is a good guy and means well, but he is an engineer and sees the world in black and white. My profession requires me to look for shades of grey. Despite these differences, he and I get along well. If I h
  6. Thanks to all for your comments. I didn't initially provide the details because I wanted to find out if there is an objective, hard and fast rule on this (perhaps I should have known better), but the gamut of your comments illustrates the problem quite well. A 17-year-old scout who earned his eagle rank a few months ago has the sufficient number of merit badges and time being active with the troop for a Bronze Palm. He contacted the troop's SMC/BOR coordinator to schedule an SMC with our scoutmaster. When she requested a date from the SM, he told the scout that they had never met to discus
  7. One of the requirements for earning Eagle Palms is that the scout "make a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability." Does anyone have any BSA resources that explain what is meant by this phrase and what kind of actions will fulfill this requirement? Do those actions have to be pre-approved by the SM before the scout can begin them in order to fufill the requirement? Any light you can shed on this is appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the welcome! @Stosh: yeah, I guess I did jump into scouting with both feet. Unfortunately, I was working crazy hours when my son went through cub scouts and so I missed most of it. I promised him I wouldn't be a parent in absentia as he continued on through boy scouts.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm the mother of a 14-almost-15-year-old son who will be sitting for his Life rank SMC and BOR in the next couple weeks. He has been in scouting since he was six years old and saw a presentation that showed cub scouts throwing hatchets. That's all my boy needed to be all in. :-) My son doesn't do organized sports, so scouting is his thing. My husband and I are both ASMs with our son's troop; I also wear the New Scout Parent Coordinator and District Roundtable hats and am a MB counselor, while my husband is a Life to Eagle advisor. Oh, and because I apparently thought my life
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