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    Life long scout

    Couldn't believe I found this forum for Camp Chin Be Gotta. Grew up in Aurora area and part of the Kedea Council. Was a camp director at the acamp in '71 and '72. Many great memories. Sure would love to hear from anyone during those times.
  2. Rrehak

    CHIN-BE-GOTA revisited 20 years later

    I found an old coffee cup dated 1966 with Chin-Be-Gota and Kedeka on it. I am not sure where I got it only it brought back great memories of two summers at CBG when I was a director for two summers. I think it was in '81'82 First year I oversaw the field sports and the next one the food service. Have to pull out my box of boy scout memories to be sure. Sure have enjoyed reading the posts here on this site. Saddened to hear about the camp being sold.