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  1. Stosh, Qwazse, Both excellent contributions. When I hear mobilization it means pack for a trip, grab riot gear, fill out this, etc., etc. Probably overthinking based on my pre-conceived, work-related definition of that dirty word. I really like the two step approach suggested. For the record, I have never been mobilized for anything that youths would be encouraged to go to...no looking for lost, etc. My primary assignment is fatal crash reconstruction & forensic crime scene mapping. I know enough about emergency management to know I am not a leading authority. I will check in with current em office holder, office across the hall has just been moved 60 miles away & new guy in it is learning the ropes.
  2. This very topic is what brought me to this entire forum. My son needs E-prep MB. As a general comment to all the above, I work for the state police, and have an office across the hall from emergency manager assigned to this region. HOWEVER as pointed out above we do not necessarily want/need scouts underfoot at many emergencies we have historically addressed, and mock scenarios/drills are often held weekdays that tend to occur during school year. One of the MBs I counsel is Search and Rescue. That entails a simulated search protocol for lost person(s). Thinking aloud, maybe these exercises could be combined...mobilize for grid search. I appreciate that meals cooked for rank advancement are not to be used for Cooking MB, etc. I don't know. This was a good Camp MB because they had them complete this with some sort of drill by "gathering at the pavilion" to satisfy the requirement. I wasn't there, so I cannot attest to the detail of the mock emergency. Any thoughts? (sound of floodgates opening).
  3. My son brought home a Tiger Cub flyer from grade school in 2004-5. Through the years we attended meetings, outings, camps, etc. I now find myself in "the home stretch" as he is a currently a 15 year old (16 in September) Life Scout with three Eagle Merit Badges and a project away from Achieving his Eagle. Like the rest of you, I have a full time job, a house to maintain, and two daughters involved in their activities. I make time to attend most camp outs. Apparently my weekends are less sacred than many other parents. I suspect my son and I would not camp together like this if we were not associated with scouting. The troop we joined/attend was a super troop of 50-60 scouts and a healthy core of adult leaders in 2010. Currently the troop is about twenty five active, and parent volunteers are not as plentiful. The current SM is an ultra motivated guy who left high school early to join the marines, coaches baseball in addition to probably another half dozen efforts. His youngest son is an 8th grade Star or Life Scout.
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