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  1. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    100%!!! Agreed, I'm glad I've had this opportunity! However as we get older the 'politics' of Scouting can become a bit overwhelming...
  2. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    Haha and they say Scouts is apolitical right???
  3. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    No idea what a Leaping Wold actually is! I think it originates with the original Cubs in the UK, maybe it has to do with the Cub taking the 'leap' to Scouts? Who knows! As for a Springbok, thats our national animal (basically its a small gazelle thats well known for being crafty and agile and easily able to evade large predators). In SA we refer to a lot of our national athletes as having their Springbok colours, etc.
  4. TeddySlayerZA

    Differences between BSA and GSUSA

    Just saw this and thought I'd comment. I had no idea Scouts wasn't already co-ed in the USA until I joined this forum. I'll say from my experience as a Scout in South Africa (where we've been co-ed for a while), that nothing motivates the boys more than having to compete against a well organised patrol of girls. Girls are really stealing the show this side, girl-power must be a real thing!
  5. TeddySlayerZA

    Venturing Age/Status Change Coming

    I'm from a country where we don't have the Venturer step, upon their 18th birthday a Scout has the option of going up to the Rover Crew, or to do adult training and come back to the troop as a junior adult leader. Works like a charm, as there are never issues of dating, smoking, drinking, permits (needed to take children on events), etc. in the Crew. I imagine the well placed age separation has saved us a ton of legal nightmares. (FYI - 18 is the age of majority for most things in South Africa).
  6. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    Hi moosetracker! I imagine SA Scouts are a bit unknown, American Scouting is definately more familiar - even here our kids see it in movies, the internet, etc. quite frequently. From what I understand, the SA scouting system is still very old-school and runs very similar to the original English system and age groups that BP uses. We do modern skills training, but haven't added things like Venturers to our system. For us it runs something like this: Cubs (ages 7-11): They have an 5-step 'advancement' program they work through, with Leaping Wolf being their final award. Scouts (ages 11-18): Also a 5-step program starting with Pathfinder -> Adventurer -> First Class -> Explorer -> Springbok. The Springbok is basically the South African 'Eagle Scout' and is the top award a Scout can achive in South Africa. Rovers (ages 18-30): Also a 5-step advancement, ending with the top B-P Award. I think many associations have removed the 'Rover Crew' and formed sections like the Venturers, but this is not the case in South Africa. Rovers aren't really regarded as youth members, we are adult members - but the difference between Rovers and Scouters is that Rovers focus on personal development and service - think of it as scouting for young adults where we focus on things like the writing CV's, starting businesses, running big scout and community service events, etc. Many Rovers (myself included) are also Scouters, but for a lot of young adults the commitment of being a Scouter and making themselves available every week to the troop isn't always possible. 26 is actually older than the average Rover (even though the age allows up to 30, most are in the 18-22 range), and for this reason I play a bit more of a leadership role. There is no obligation for a 18 year old leaving Scouts to become a Rover and many prefer to become a Scouter directly. So to sum up, Rover and Scouters are basically just 2 different paths young adults can take after their 18th birthday.
  7. I'm on Facebook, whats the name of the group you're referring to? As for badges I chave access to all the Advancement, Interest and Scoutcraft badges in South Africa as well as the Western Capes provincial badges. I don't have a photo of the full badge set (I'll work on getting this soon), but for an example, here are the Advancement badges: http://www.troop97.net/images/rsa_badges.gif
  8. Hi all! If anyone is keen to trade, I have easy access to most South African badges and am really keen to trade for US badges (or any other nationality for that matter).
  9. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    'Baie dankie LeCastor', thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  10. TeddySlayerZA

    Greetings From South Africa

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently a leader of a Rover Crew in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. Previously I attained both the Leaping Wolf (SA's cub top award) and my Springbok (the scouting top award) and the Commissioners Commendation for my time served as Troop Scouter. Now I'm focusing on Rovers (the age group in SA is a bit higher than in other countries with Sovers from what I've seen). Dispite being a Rover, I still love to run events for the Scout Troop and on occassions also host events for the 30 troops that make up the Cape Town region. Unfortunately, due to my studies I havent been able to keep up my regular weekly scouting commitments, so I'm trying to run these occassional events with a bit more of a 'WOW' factor. Aside from my Scouting, I'm also keen to meet new people on here. I'm a 26 year old geologist and PhD candidate, into all things crazy and adventurous. I'm super keen to meet new people and get to know other cultures and perhaps I can share some of my countries ideas and outlook with everyone on here!