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  1. I have had the Poly-Wool shirt and pants for five years now and I an very happy with it. This is my "dress uniform" that I wear to courts of honor and other special occasions. I would never think of wearing it to an outdoor activity. When I ordered the pants, the woman at the local scout shop recommended ordering one waist size larger than normal as they ran small, and she was right. I have had the combo dry cleaned a few times and it still looks new. It is expensive, but I expect to wear it for many more years.
  2. Is there any official interpretation of the short term camping requirement for OA eligibility? Must the camping be in tents or under-the-stars? Or, does cabin camping, camping in museums or sleeping on a battleship qualify? The written requirements use the word camping, but they do not define the word. This will have a significant impact on which scouts in our troop are eligible for election. If there is no official policy, how do you interpret this in your troop or lodge? Here is the pertinent section of the requirement from the official scouting.org site. - The youth must h
  3. It has been a long time since I have been heavily involved in the Boy Scout program, although I have been very involved with Cub Scouts for the past few years where I am presently a Cubmaster. As I have been talking with the local troops, it looks like things have changed a lot since I was a scout regarding advancement. I am not sure how much is local custom vs. national policy but what I see here is the fast track to First Class and merit badges. Specifically, when a scout graduates from Webelos in March, he is encouraged and expected to finish First Class by the end of his week at sum
  4. The link above should not have a period at the end: http://n2zgu.50megs.com/INDEX%20SAW.htm
  5. This may be too late for you, but everyone should check out Gregg Sablic's excellent Souting Around the world site at http://n2zgu.50megs.com/INDEX%20SAW.htm. It has mostly Boy Scout information, but Cubs are represented in some of the countries as well. We uesed some of the information for our Blue & Gold this year.
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