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  1. For a proper pilgrimage to Scouting's roots, Brownsea island would be second on the list after Mafeking or as they call it now Mahikeng.
  2. I stepped out of uniform about two years ago after twenty six years as Troop Scouter and Group Scouter. I am now badge examiner and I give training for the amateur radio exam. I managed two generations, Scouts whose fathers were my Scouts and I have many fantastic Scouting memories. My father was my Scout master and my mother later became Akela so the family heritage was there.
  3. If a Scouter were to move to another country, would the Woodbadges he gained in his country of origin be recognised?
  4. Hi all, I was on the Forum a couple of year ago. Had an email address change and had to sign up again. I was Troop Scouter, then Group Scouter, then Troop Scouter and now I'm Group Scout Leader since they changed the name. 1st Pietersburg later 1st Polokwane Scout Group. I'm an Amateur radio operator and so are five of my current Scouts. My TS is also a ham. Needless to say JOTA was really good, we have made WAC (Worked all continents) award on 2m EME (earth moon earth) this year. Scout troop and Cub pack are strong. Patrol system working well. Solid, loyal adult leader team. Br
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