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  1. The last 3-4 years we have had Grilled Cheese, Hot Dogs, Chili and Dutch Oven Desserts for our Saturday night dinner at our Family Campouts. We average 20-25 boys (and siblings) and about the same number of adults. Any thoughts on different menu items that would feed that many and keep the majority of people satified with the menu?
  2. So we had a sign up for Scouting event at our local municipal airport with a tour of the planes, facilities and a fly in from a local medical helicopter team. The problem is we only had about 3-5 newbies. The rest were scouts already in the pack and their parents. The DE walked away that day with 2 new apps. The school district doesn't do "flyers" as handouts, they only send them electronically, email to those in the school district that have email and the DE wasn't able to "boy talk" to all the elementary aged boys, just the first graders, so now I am wondering what have you all done in t
  3. Our Troop travels 3 hours one way to go every year and has for the last 30 or so years. The last two years we have taken our Webelos up for their WRC. Great program, facilities and staff. Our boys talk it up from the time the get home until it is time to go again the following summer. The Pipestone program (from what I have read/heard) makes the camp stand alone from so many others in our area. The WRC even has a "camp honors program" called H.A.W.K. (Honoring Akela With Knowledge) it leads the 1st year Webelos into returning their 2ns year and the 2nd year Webelos are lead right into the
  4. Just curious as to what is typical for your pack. We are looking to change things up a bit this Fall and are considering meeting bi-weekly instead of weekly. We are also considering having the option of a Saturday meeting (activity day) in place of one of the weekly meetings. Just looking for some input and thoughts.
  5. He is back at it! The CC is driving the ship and probably driving many boys and adults leaders away at the same time. What is the best, fastest way to put a stop to this? Is there something that points to a statement like "the committee chair need not be present at regular troop meetings and is not responsible for leading the boys in the troop"?
  6. So I inherited quite the inventory of belt loops for the Sports and Academics program when I became Cubmaster 3 years ago. We have been using them as the boys earn them and tryig not to but new ones until they are earned. I even have a small supply of BS Belt Loops from the 80's. Question, what are you planning on doing with these old belt loops starting with the program changes slated for May 2015?
  7. To report back, we had a sit down with the COR, CC and SM, plus the majority of the ASMs. The CC has backed off and we are starting to head in the directionof "boy-led". No worries on the name calling and I appreciate the advice given.
  8. So our Troop Committee Chair is really doing more than he should and it seems to be turning off several other adults. He really means well but seems to be overstepping committee chair duties. what is the best way top redirect him and "tone him down" without losing him all together?
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