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    ⚜️ Tataliya #614 Lodge Advisor ⚜️
  • Birthday 09/27/1975

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    East Wenatchee, WA
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    Small Business Owner
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    Fatherhood, Archery, Hiking, Camping, Wood working, Fishing, BSA Scouts, Order of the Arrow, Pow Wows, Hammocks.
  • Biography
    Bobcat to Arrow of Light,
    Pack 32.
    Scout to Eagle, Eagle palms
    Troop 8
    and Order of the Arrow as well.
    Ump Quah 335.
    Lodge Advisor for Tataliya 614 since 2019.
    Was beaded the end of 2020.
    Awarded Silver Beaver May of 2021.
    Now it's my son's turn.
    He started in Tigers and earn his Bear early this year despite covid.
    Pack 32 (Same I was in),
    Apple Valley District of the Grand Columbia Council,
    in North-Central Washington.

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About Me

I'm a dad with a son. I'm a small business owner. I Spend a lot of time shooting archery, wood carving, leather working, and hiking with friends. Having earned my Eagle was probably the best time in my life until my son was born. Looking forward to combining Scouting and my being with my son.

167984_1490580311536_2058435_n.jpg 91135474_10216212276566669_3635560069396955136_n.thumb.jpg.2a39fe16df58b8e6a515d8ce2ba3c643.jpg 29511400_10211219655634266_6355766732283625801_n.jpg.2b5e1bd0b5c0982a39ee20ba14cc8d60.jpg682518117_oabros.jpg.c8bf1ab7f3649667d60bb653bbcb4255.jpg

 10 & 1/2 Years old                                          12 years old                                          16 years old                           44 Years old                                     

 Webelos in Pack 32                              First Class in Troop 8                  Eagle Scout in Troop 8            Received Brotherhood

                                                                                                                                                                             Assistant Cubmaster Pack 32    

                                                                                                                                                                                Lodge Advisor Tataliya 614     


          January 21, 2021                                      May 6th, 2021                            September 22, 2023

  Awarded Wood Badge Beads       Awarded Silver Beaver Award          Awarded Vigil Honor

Virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions


             My son, Tiger Scout                       Wolf Scout                                          Bear Scout                                      Webelos 2

                  Pack 32                                     Selling Popcorn                               After Marching

                                                                                                                                 in Classy Chassis


     First day as member of 

                  Troop 8



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