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    Another mb question

    I'm not trying to create extra drama and I'll readily admit I don't have a clue what our Council sees for advancement or what our Council reviews before granting Eagle. In our District becoming a MB counselor requires some showing of expertise - especially for Eagle Required MBs. That's really the bigger issue - having the boys being counseled by someone (the SM) who does not have any real expertise in the subject area. As for youth protection, hopefully the SM has taken that training and follows those guidelines.
  2. Hedgehog

    Another mb question

    Christineka: I'm not sure if someone provided this link to you previously, but you and your Troop's SM need to read the Guide to Advancement: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf It is hard to argue with the rulebook. The top of page 46 provides, "There are no exceptions. For example, Scoutmasters must be approved for any merit badge they wish to counsel or sign off on in their Troop," Doing otherwise may jeopardize the boys advancement. What would happen if a boy doesn't get credit for an Eagle required merit badge because the SM isn't registered as a counselor - and this is found out after the scout's 18th birthday? Even more so, the SM is doing the scouts a disservice because he may not have expertise in those merit badges and it sounds like he isn't counseling but just checking off that they did the worksheet. Also, call your council and ask for the District or Council merit badge counselor list. They will have one and they should provide it to you. If they ask you questions, explain your situation. Finally, consider volunteering to be your Troop's advancement chair. It sounds like they need you. You are thinking the right way - advancement means learning and doing (both substantively and procedurally) - not just checking a box on a form. BSA needs more people like you.
  3. Hedgehog

    Tools for Youth Leadership Training

    What about taking the PL on a camp out led by the SPL. The SM gives the SPL a list of discussion topics (What do you think your role involves? What does servant leadership mean? What did last years leaders in your position do well?, etc. ) and a list of exercises and activities (gather wood for a fire without using any saws, build a fire wih a single match, cook dinner without using a stove, teach a skill that all scouts should know but that isn't a requirement, etc.). The adults join in the discussion topics after the scouts have talked it through to confirm they are on the right track or to add some thoughts. The scouts critique themselves (start, stop, continue) how on how they did on each exercise with the adults chiming in at the end of the discussion. Add a brainstorming session about meetings and outings and your done.
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    Should we force Scouts to listen to Old Goat music ?

    At the West Point Camporee they had a DJ with the massive bonfire - played pretty much pop music with one or two songs from the late 80s. I guess that is the difference with the Cadets doing the planning rather than the Scouters. Most of the boys stayed at least for a while. Our rule was that it was up to each scout if they stayed or left - as long as they were with a buddy.
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    The New Hedgehog in Town

    Exit 7, 8A or 8 - depending on traffic... The better directions are to take the Delaware River south and hang a left where Washington crossed the river.
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    Need Tent Suggestions

    For backpacking, go lightweight. Check out Tarptent, Bear Paw and Big Agnes: http://www.tarptent.com/index.html http://www.bearpawwd.com/index.html https://www.bigagnes.com/Products/ProductFinder/Tent/filters/20 Also, for going solo, definitely check out a hammock - they are really comfortable and generally lightweight.
  7. Put two of your ASMs in charge of the Outdoor Program. They can work with the boys to come up with the events, handle the paperwork (tour plans, reservations, etc.) and be responsible for making sure there are enough adults to drive and attend. If your current ASMs can't or won't, find a couple of new ASMs. I you do that, they now have a stake in the success of the program and you have several less responsibilities.
  8. Hedgehog

    The New Hedgehog in Town

    Didn't get the 3% in January, but I did get a 50% increase in salary going from a Cubmaster to an ASM .