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  1. Thanks all for your comments. I will try to answer the questions asked. In regard to more hours, he was told to go back through all his notes and see if he could find more hours. The total service hours for the project is 153. The project was for a flagpole installed with landscaping (stone pavers, flower beds, landscape timbers, mulch) at a middle school. The only change from the proposal was the beneficiary (school principal) changed the location from one side of the walk to the other. Which of course, he listed this change on the Final Plan. So, no, the project was really no diff
  2. Question about the process of completing the Eagle Project Workbook. My son finished the labor part of his Eagle Project in March. He has been working on the workbook but seems to be at a stand-still with a few of his Troop Leaders trying to progress through that process. He has worked on the workbook himself answering each question, listing all supplies, materials, etc., hours worked, etc. etc. I did look at it when he was finished to be sure that he had answered each question and listed all items in the workbook. The response he has gotten from the leaders is that "it is not good e
  3. qwazse, Good advice. Thanks. I just hope that this situation is not the standard or will become the standard with Lodge 560. If so, it is a sad day for the OA.
  4. Clearly the ASM should not have gotten involved and signed the registration form for this boy and his mother should not have acted the way she did. But I feel like the Lodge is responsible for some of this mess as well. The SM was told on Friday that she was on the way to Ordeal with her son and he at that point said that the Lodge would turn her away. But that did not happen.
  5. Yes there was a Call Out Ceremony at Camporee a couple weeks ago. After that is when this mom realized that her son was not voted in. She was told that the documentation from the election had been turned in and her son was not voted in and therefore he could not attend Ordeal. I was there for this conversation when she was told he could not go. The form said "pre-registration" and to be returned with medical releases, identifying information, date attending Ordeal, etc. There was a place at the bottom for "Unit Leader's Signature". I have not seen the ASM that signed this form for her. He
  6. Right. It is not really my fight as my son's OA election and Ordeal was handled the correct way. I just hate that it overshadowed the experience for him and the other boys.
  7. It is a bad situation. And you are right, what's done is done. I haven't contacted the lodge yet because there is nothing that can be done at this point to make it right for anyone. Guess I am more just really disgusted that this "honor society" which has rules in place for elections did not follow their own rules. I don't see the "honor" in it anymore.
  8. My son was elected to OA recently and attended Ordeal this past weekend. Another boy in his Troop was not elected and his mother was VERY upset about it. So she had one of the ASM sign an Ordeal registration form for her son. She took him to Ordeal on Friday with the signed form and registration money and the OA staff allowed him to stay and complete Ordeal. So I can tell you that I know being voted in by your peers is not the only way in...at least at this lodge. I would not recommend this route as it has caused a conflict in the Troop and the boys who were honestly voted in feel lik
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