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    Mr. Gates Address At National Meeting

    I have all kinds of boys in my troop ,some born tall some born short,different colors, some born with learning and behaiovior challenges .I know from reading and talking with my doctor that homosexuality is an out come of birth not a choice .So would you have me discriminate againist one and not the other ? I could not ,nor could I againist an adult .We have marginilized this population long enough , old beliefs built on lack of scientific understanding have demonized innocent people ,just because of how they were born .Scouting and all the values we atach to it should require us to be inclusive ,and to be the best example for my Scouts I will work with all types of adults no mater how they were born. I think mr. Gates speech was carfully worded ,some what pragmatic and if it changes our policy it will be one of the best things to happen to Scouting in a long time.
  2. in matters of youth protection I never ,ever trust word of mouth .If I could count all the times guys have told me they are eagles ,or they were navy seals ,or marines . I am sorry to infer anything bad about this person ,but until you have proof otherwise ,I see red flags waving . Hope for your unit; I am wrong ,but I would not risk it.
  3. howiezee3

    Poly wool shirts

    Ron ,thanks for the feedback ,I have a green (official ) neck tie that will work with that !
  4. howiezee3

    Poly wool shirts

    thanks ,the photo of the pants on scout stuff is poor so wanted to know is it "official uniform" ? looks like it solves the more dressed look some leaders are looking for .never seen it in the Scout shops around here .
  5. howiezee3

    Poly wool shirts

    I want totry the poly/wool pants ,any feed back on these ?