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  1. Overall, we had lower numbers per scout, but more scouts participated, so our sales were almost the same as last year. I'm not sure why the numbers were lower per scout though. My son's numbers were higher, and at $3100+ he did just over 25% of the entire pack's sales.
  2. Volunteer, The reason your packs sales are low is because of the parents not wanting to do it, not because of unemployment or the prices. If the parents (and leaders, from the way it sounds) aren't willing to invest the time to help the boys, the boys won't be motivated to sell ANYTHING, and their sales will be low. I'm saying this from experience, as my son was the #3 seller in his Pack as a Tiger, #1 as a Wolf (beating our #2 by $1500), and is #1 as a Bear (beating our #2 by $2500). The only difference between my son and the boys who are #2 is parent involvement, plain and simple.
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