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  1. Nextgenscouter1 & Packsaddle: What TL or BSA or any other organizations says and what any individual member believes, and even how such a member acts can be very different things. But where the "rubber meets the road" is how the leaders interact with the boys. I have the same pride about my own righteousness that everyone else has. Isiah called it what it really is: a stinking rag in the nostrils of God. I remind myself that it is only God's Grace that makes my, or anyone else's worship acceptable. Sometimes it humbles me, for a while... The idea of BSA and TL being in comp
  2. Sorry, an Orthodox what? Jew, Russian, Greek? I don't mean to be flippant. ​Like Scouting, a lot would depend on the unit. A troop doesn't have to take anyone, but there are some adults that cannot become leaders. There is a declaration of faith involved. ​I do not see any TL restriction on youth except for age and gender, as long as they don't promote a morality that is contrary to TL or the CO. That would be backstabbing like a scout saying it is OK to lie or steal. Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs, and they change back and forth especially when you are a
  3. Having a Chaplain (that is appointed by the CR which represents the CO that agrees to conduct the program according to TL standards which include that leaders will live pure lives) available to mediate disputes I think will really help sort out any theological differences.
  4. Hi Folks: I have a bit different perspective about what TL is about, and why I am attracted to it. Morally straight behavior is not only about physical intimacy. It is about how people treat each other, and requires a common standard that everyone agrees on. I have recently gone through a problem with our BSA Unit caused by very different moral standards. That is something I expect can be better resolved in TL. When (not if) there are problems we can go to the bible with the required Chaplain and work it out - biblically. Something that I see lacking in this thread is how much
  5. Here is how I paraphrase the new membership policy: "Just because a boy has a sexual orientation or preference does not mean he can't be a Scout." The inference is that what he DOES is what can bar him from membership. And if you believe that when the leaders live a squeaky-clean life, the scouts will choose to also (or choose not to be invlolved in scouting...), then what's the problem? But if you believe that setting an example doesn't mean a thing, well then you have much to worry about. Myself, I have decided to not even go near the edge of morality. I have made it clear to the pare
  6. Been Browsing and thought I would join this Forum. Got sucked into being Cubmaster of a nearly dysfunctional Pack. The membership policy change (if you want to call it a change...) put even more stress on our Pack, but I think we can weather through it. It is an odd situation where the Charter Organization is the local township and just provides a small hall for meetings and signatures when needed. They have absolutely no "skin in the game".
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