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  1. I have recently taken over the Cm position for our Pack and am wanting to improve communications amongst leaders and parents. One way that came to mind was to start a Facebook page, or group. I want to make sure I follow all the rules and do things correctly. I had originally thought about a private group that parents were all welcome to join, then I found that is a direct violation of Scouting rules. Public pages appear to be encouraged by BSA. I created a public page and now one of the parents has told me that we cain't post specifics about events, such as exact time locations of events, etc. In my opinion, this negates a large portion of the basis for the page. Additionally, I fail to see any reason to withhold this information. Obviously I would not post any information about individual scouts, such as full name or address... Your thoughts? Are your packs online? What info do you post?
  2. I can't create a new thread, just seeing if I can reply.
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