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  1. I think BL has value, it has some decent information and I know my sons love it. We do not specifically use it in our program. Subscriptions are paid for by the parents when they register if they want it. We bring in a few issues and let them see if it is something they want. I have gotten some ideas on activities for the boys but as a pack I can't think of a use it has served specifically. This is why the pack doesn't cover the cost.
  2. Hello all! I am Arron, CM of Pack 232 on Ramstein AB in Germany. I have been a scouter for the past 3 years starting with my Tiger, who is a Bear this year. My youngest is a Tiger this year and loving it. Currently I am deployed and stumbled across the Scouter Network, I have spent hours reading and learning from all of you. Figured it was time to say hello and thank you! I look forward to sharing information and experiences with all of you.
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