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  1. When I was tapped for the OA, there were no African-American boys in either of the two lodges where I was a member. Black kids could not come to our camp. It was wrong to exclude them and I took the risk of saying so (as a camp staff member). It is bigoted, ignorant, and wrong to exclude homosexual boys from the programs today. Homosexuality is not something that is taught/learned or caught from others -- that's a fact. Gay boys are often singled out for bullying and the BSA policy simply reinforces this. As a 60-year veteran scout, scouter, and donor I have learned many things from
  2. Hi Guys. I became a Scout in 1955. Worked waterfront at Camp HoNonWah '61-'64; have been ASM for two troops; and now as retiree am counselor for aquatics merit badges. With a grandson in Scouting, I get to go camping again. After 58 years, this stuff is getting in my blood.
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